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It is our pleasure to welcome you to RKC Instrument Inc.


RKC is a worldwide manufacturer of multi-loop and single loop PID temperature controllers, process controllers, indicators, control systems, level meters, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, and pressure transducers, and recorders. RKC supplies products to a wide range of markets such as semiconductors, plastics, extrusion molding, injection molding, scientific, food industries, and heat treat industry or thermal process. Our process and temperature control technology is widely used in the industry.

RKC has been continually growing for over half a century since its establishment as a specialist of industrial control equipment. As a solution provider of measurement and control, RKC is involved in developing, sales, and other aspects of the business. RKC provides Hardware + Software, + Peripheral equipment to satisfy the industry needs. The hardware includes various controllers for temperature, pressure, other processes, power controllers, field network converters, sensors, and custom-designed products. The software includes consulting, engineering, before- and after-sales service. Peripheral equipment includes various peripheral equipment necessary to build up a solution. RKC builds and conducts quality management systems at all stages from development, procurement, manufacturing, sales through to shipping and after-sale service to always provide high quality and high-reliability products.

Based on our management concept, “Realization of the highest quality,” RKC has obtained the accreditation of ISO9001, the international standard for quality management systems. For our main products' safety standards, RKC manufactures products compliant with UL, CSA, and European safety directives (LVD and EMC) of CE Marking. RKC also employs IEC standards for the internal product criteria from designing to manufacturing stages to provide products conforming to international standards. Based on the management concept, RKC considers conservation of the environment at the global level is the most important task and has obtained the accreditation of ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).

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