Decines - CHARPIEU,  Rhone 
  • Booth: 2625

Welcome to our booth. Discover our innovative plasma sources

SAIREM is a Microwave and Radio Frequency specialist and is a major actor for manufacturing and design of microwave generator and related plasma sources for industry. From solutions for large treatment areas in the Pa range using solid state generators and autotuned plasma sources to atmospheric plasma torch working up to 10 kW.

Recent developments in plasma

  • Low pressure (10-4  to 10-2 mbar range) ECR coaxial plasma source Aura-Wave (SVTM innovation award 2015)
  • Medium pressure (10-2 to mbar range) coaxial plasma source Hi-Wave (SVTM innovation award 2015)
  • Atm pressure surface wave launcher S-Wave (SVTM innovation award 2018)
  • New industrial 2.45 GHz 10 kW atmospheric downstream plasma source with auto-ignition system
  • Solid state microwave generator 2.45 GHz (200w to 1000 W)
  • Downstream is a surface wave type of plasma source that generates plasma in a dielectric material tube placed in a standard WR340 waveguide.

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