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千住金属工业作为全球半导体封装行业的专业供应商, 拥有多种无铅焊锡的常用合金的专利权. 
不仅提供焊锡球,焊锡膏,焊锡丝,焊锡棒,助焊剂等传统的各类焊锡产品,同时提供Cu球,Cu核球, LAS 微小锡球,LAS锡膏,PPS等最先端的半导体封装用新型焊接材料.以及焊接相关的周边设备.

欢迎光临我们的展位 (#N5 5643)并洽询我们的产品

Senju Metal is a global leader in solder material supply to the semiconductor assembly industry. Has many kinds of metal alloy patent for Lead-free solder ball.

We not only provide the traditional solder productions as solder ball, solder paste, Solder wire, solder bar and flux, but also some New & High-technology semiconductor assembly using solder material including copper ball. Copper core ball. LAS micro ball LAS solder paste PPS and so on. Soldering machine is also available.

Welcome to our booth (#N5 5643) and please ask us about any of our class leading products.

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