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Founded in 2002, Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd.(SMEE) is dedicated to the research& development, production, marketing and support of optical lithography equipments which are widely deployed in the semiconductor manufacturing industry fulfilling the needs and requirements of both front-end and back-end applications, the fabrication of MEMS/ FPD/ LED /Power Devices, etc.


  • 500 Series Stepper —— IC Back-end Advanced Packagi
    SSB500 series stepper is designed for redistributed layer (RDL) in Wafer Level Packaging (Fan-In WLP, Fan-Out WLP) applications, and advanced packaging processes, especially Flip Chip applications such as Gold Bump, Solder Bump and Copper....

  •   Product Features

    ● Supporting exposure on warped wafer and bonded wafer

    ● Ultra-large field of view (33mm×53.5mm, 44mm×44mm) for high throughput

    ● Highly accurate overlay

    ● Double-side alignment available, including methods of IR and visible light measurement

    ● Precise temperature control for stable production under high energy exposure conditions

  • 300 Series Stepper —— LED/ MEMS/ Power Devices
    SSB300 series projection stepper is designed for small and medium substrates (≤6 inch) applied in advanced lithography areas. It meets single or double-sided lithography process requirements in HB-LED, MEMS and power devices....

  •  Product Features

    ● Resolution up to 0.8μm

    ● Fast online mapping tech

    ● Precise stitching

    ● Self-adaption switching between different substrates

    ● High throughput

    ● Precise overlay

    ● Perfectly match with aligner

  • 200 Series Stepper —— TFT Exposure
    200 series scanner is specially designed for manufacturing process such as AM-OLED and TFT-LCD, supporting for volume production of 2.5G to 6G TFT display panels....

  •  Product Features

    ● Resolution up to 1.5μm

    ● Manufacturing 12-inch panel by 6-inch mask

    ● Intelligent calibration and diagnosis, convenient for machine calibration and periodic maintenance

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