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Category: 207 Equipment, Process (Deposition; Chemical Vapor (CVD); MOCVD; PECVD; LPCVD; ALD; REALD; MVD)

Exhibitor List Index

ADTEC Plasma Technology Co.,Ltd T2409
Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China 2301
Advanced Technology & Materials Co.,Ltd 2281
Beijing Jenerator Electronic Co., Ltd. 2680
Beijing Longsun Technology Co., Ltd. 2381
Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co.,Ltd. 3441
Beijing Xiantec Technology Ltd. 3218
Centrotherm 2014
China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association 4120
Conax Technologies 7579
DS Fibertech Corporation 2609
Dymek Company Ltd. 2828 LinkedIn
Entegris (Shanghai) Microelectronics Trading Co., Ltd. 3341
EQ Tech Plus Co., Ltd T1239
First Technology China Ltd. 3143
Hakuto Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd. 2151
Harvest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd 2781
Hokuriku Machinery Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd 2713
i-Bot Technology Inc. T2413
Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences 4451
Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano Technology Co.,Ltd 2309
Kunshan Zhimao Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. 3757
LPE (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. 2527
Luva System Inc. T2132
Macquarie Electronics USA Inc. 2761
Marketech International Corp. 3101
Merck Holding (China) Co.,Ltd 3323
MK Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd 5774
Moov Technologies Inc. 3713
MUEGGE GmbH 2680
Oxford Instruments 2213
Piotech Inc. 3213
Q.D. HDTech Micro electronics Co., Ltd. 4123
Qingdao Huaqi Technology Co., Ltd. 4008
Qingdao Sunred Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. 4311
QingDao Yuhao Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. 3144
Sairem 2625 LinkedIn
Samco Inc. 2167
scia Systems GmbH 1141 LinkedIn
SENTECH Instruments GmbH 2157
SGL Carbon Far East Ltd. Shanghai 7115
Shanghai Advanced Engineering Technology, Inc. 2338
Singulus Technologies AG 5144 LinkedIn
SKY Technology Development Co.,Ltd Chinese Academy of Sciences 3307
SurplusGLOBAL, Inc. 4645
SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o. 1683
TDG Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd 4245
Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited 3377
Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited 3363
Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited 3351
Tempress 5142
Tokyo Electron Limited 1401
Veeco Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 3719
Whole Link International 3383
Wonik IPS Co., Ltd. 3631
Wuxi Songyu Technology Co., Ltd. 4111
Zhejiang Shangneng Industrial Co., LTD T1110
Zillion Tek Co., Ltd 4810
ZMC Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd 2641
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