Wonik IPS Co., Ltd.

Pyeong taek,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
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Wonik IPS develops a system that fabricates an integrated circuit on the substrate, which is the most difficult semiconductor fabrication process, and mainly supplies thin film deposition systems.

With relentless focus on R&D, Wonik IPS succeeded in mass-producing ALD systems in 1998 for the first time in the world and stepped up to become one of the key companies in the semiconductor machinery. In 2004, we successfully developed and mass-produced semiconductor CVD systems and have increased our market share ever since.

In 2014, we successfully mass-produced a mold process system, one of the key systems in 3D NAND flash, which is in high demand. In 2018, our 10 nm process DRAM High-K successfully entered the market. 

In addition, we reinvented ourselves as a general machinery manufacturer as we diversified our portfolio to include not only semiconductor systems but also dry etchers in display and organic and inorganic deposition in PE-CVD and solar cells.

GEMINI CVD system produces dielectric films with plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition technology such as Anti-Reflective Coating and hardmask. Our PECVD system provides excellent ALD-like superior uniformity performance. In addition, GEMINI a-Si films are widely used in DPT/QPT hard-mask patterning solution for advanced DRAM and Logic devices beyond 20nm.

GEMINI ALD SYSTEM provides solution for multi-patterning applications with high-quality conformal and very uniform films. With its small foot print it outperforms many of its competitor models with high UPEH and extreme uniformity control.It also provides various knobs for map profile control and easy process temperature changes without hardware modifications.

NOA has its one and only unique feature that can integrate different metal processes and stand-alone process. Depending on users, NOA can extend its platform for different needs,which could be integrated different processes like Ti/TiN, Tungsten, and Clean steps in toone single system. This allows less FAB costs and space savings for manufacturers. The NOA can provide solution for ALD-tungsten process which provides excellent gap-fill ability with very low fluorine content and low resistivity compared to pre-existing tungsten processes.  

In the future, Wonik IPS will further solidify our status as a global manufacturer through ongoing R&D.

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