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TSI Incorporated serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. As an industry leader in the design and production of precision instruments, TSI partners with research institutions and customers around the world to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, health and safety, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics and biohazard detection.

TSI’s cleanroom facility monitoring products with built-in redundancy provide the confidence you need to reliably monitor critical processes and demonstrate compliance. Eliminate waste, interventions and interruptions using TSI. AeroTrak® Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) Model 9001 is the only water-based, laminar flow, high flow rate instrument on the market—providing the confidence needed for monitoring critical environments. Extremely low false-count rate provides accurate 10 nm measurements at low particle concentrations to confidently monitor mini-environments and process gases—keeping manufactured products safe from nanoparticle contamination; AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counter Model 9110 complies with all the stringent requirements set forth in ISO 21501-4. It is calibrated with NIST traceable PSL spheres using TSI’s world-class Classifier and Condensation Particle Counters.

TSI''s full line of industrial ventilation test instruments are designed to accurately and reliably measure a wide variety of parameters important in monitoring and maintaining indoor environments. Our instruments are optimized for ease-of-use, yet offer a range of advanced capabilities including data logging, that are critical in ensuring quality commercial ventilation.

With headquarters based in the U.S. and field offices throughout Europe and Asia, TSI has established a worldwide presence in the markets we serve.


    The AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood 8380 is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument primarily used for efficiently taking direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles....


    Offering durable, trouble-free operation, this lightweight, ergonomically designed capture hood kit saves time and money by combining multiple measurement tools into one package. The AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood 8380 helps you create healthy and energy efficient environments while meeting local codes, guidelines and regulations for ventilation systems.


    • HVAC commissioning
    • Clean room certification
    • Troubleshooting HVAC systems
    • Testing and balancing HVAC systems


    • Ergonomic design and ultra light weight for easy, one-person operation
    • Automatically senses and displays supply or return flows, saving time on the job
    • Back pressure compensation ensures accurate readings
    • Multiple hood sizes available for easy, cost effective use across multiple jobs
    • Detachable digital micromanometer offers flexibility to use in multiple applications


    符合人体工程学设计和超轻自重的风量罩套件,坚固耐用,结合多种测量工具,可有效的节省时间和费用。 ACCUBALANCE 数字式风量罩 8380 可帮助您创建健康和节能的环境,同时满足当地对于通风系统的法规和标准。


    • 暖通空调调试
    • 洁净室认证
    • 暖通空调系统的故障排除
    • 测试和平衡暖通空调系统 


    • 人体工学设计和超轻重量,方便单人操作
    • 自动检测和显示送风或回风量,节省工作时间
    • 背压补偿,确保准确的读数
    • 多种风罩尺寸以便用户方便测量各式风口的风量
    • 可拆卸的数字微压计适用于不同的应用领域

    Measures differential pressure, barometric pressure and has inputs for two K alloy thermocouples. Data logging included....


    The portable, handheld VelociCalc® Multi-Function Ventilation Meter 9565-P features a menu-driven user interface for easy operation in your local language. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through instrument setup, operation, and field calibration.

    The 9565-P also features an ergonomic, over-molded case design with probe holder and a keypad lockout to prevent tampering during unattended use. The 9565-P model has a differential pressure sensor and does not include a probe.


    • HVAC testing and balancing
    • Clean room testing
    • Biological safety cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing
    • HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting
    • IAQ investigations
    • Thermal comfort studies
    • Ventilation evaluations
    • Process air flow testing


    • 便携式手持VelociCalc®多功能通风仪表9565-P具有菜单驱动的用户界面,使用本地语言轻松操作。屏幕提示和分步说明引导用户完成仪器设置、操作和现场校准。

      9565-P 特点还包括人体工程学超模压外壳设计,配有探头座和键盘锁,可防止无人管理使用期间的误操作。9565-P 型配有压差传感器,但不包含探头。


    • 暖通空调测试和平衡检测
    • 无尘室检测
    • 生物安全柜和实验室通风柜测试
    • 暖通空调调试和故障检修
    • 室内空气质量研究
    • 热舒适研究
    • 通风评估
    • 处理气流测试
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