Vital Materials - FHR & VTFM

Guangzhou,  Guangdong 
  • Booth: 2601

Vital Materials is a global rare metals oriented materials technology group. It is a leading vertically integrated producer, processor and developer of specialty materials. We have four advanced materials business units-Compound Semiconductor Business Unit, Thin Film Business Unit, Infrared and Laser Business Unit, and Functional Materials Business Unit.

As the market leader in the global rare metals industry, Vital Materials is the largest producer of Selenium and Tellurium materials, as well as the key producer of Gallium, Indium, Germanium, Bismuth, and Cadmium products. Our products are widely used in semiconductors, displays, electronics, photovoltaics, LED, infrared materials, acousto-optics, thermoelectrics, photosensors, radiation detectors, pharmaceuticals, feed additives, glass, ceramics, and metallurgy, etc.

Vital Materials provides global customers with integrated solutions for waste recycling with options for closed-loop recycling. Our recycling services provide for the recycling of rare metal containing wastes via effective solutions for environmental protection issues.

Vital Materials has industrial and commercial operations located in Asia, Europe, North and South America, with over 3,500 employees worldwide.


  • Vital Thin Film Materials - AlSc Target
    Vital Thin Film Materials provides AlSc Target for Semiconductor application....

  • Vital Thin Film Materials (VTFM) has scaled production to meet the industries need for high-quality, high-content AlSc sputter targets.
    VTFM offers AlSc targets up to Ø340mm with Sc-content up to 40at%; in-house indium or diffusion bonding is also offered with bond coverage greater than 98%. Typ ical target configurations offered support both fxP200 and ARQ151-8” cathodes, but prototyping for other geometries and compositions can be done within 6-8 weeks.
  • Vital Thin Film Materials - WTi Target
    Vital Thin Film Materials provides WTi Target for Semiconductor application....

  •  Vital Thin Film Materials (VTFM) provides Tungsten-titanium (WTi) alloy containing 10wt% to 30wt% (Ti) have been successfully applied to Al, Cu, and Ag wiring technologies. Tungsten (W) acts as a diffusion block, while Ti prevents the diffusion of grain boundaries, improves corrosion resistance and increases adhesion of the barrier layer. WTi alloy sputtering targets have also been widely used as materials for contact layers in semiconductor chip gate circuits.
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