SKY Technology Development Co.,Ltd Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shen Yang,  Liao Ning 
  • Booth: 3307

Welcome to SKY exhibition unit!

    SKY Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in 1958. Followed the principle of innovation, after developing for half a century, SKY utilizes the vacuum technology as foundation, making equipment manufacturing our core business, focusing on high technology, new material and new energy areas such as high end scientific research equipment, semiconductor, solar power, LED etc., and has evolved as a modern enterprise that integrated with R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.

    Main Products:

    1、High-end Industrial Vacuum Application equipment

    Crystalline growing equipment: Sapphire crystalline furnace, SiC mono-crystalline furnace, Si/Ge mono-crystal furnace;

    Film Deposition equipment: E-beam evaporation, magnetic sputtering, hard carbon film equipment etc;

    2、Scientific Research Vacuum Application equipment:

    Various PVD, CVD film deposition equipment, vacuum metallurgy equipment;

     3、Dry Vacuum Acquiring equipment

    Dry vacuum pump set series, dry scroll pump, screw pump, ion pump, ultra high vacuum gate valve and vacuum components etc.

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