Heraeus Shin-Etsu Quartz China Inc.

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Heraeus Conamic is one of the technology leaders and materials specialists for the manufacture and processing of high purity fused silica. The organization excels in all key processes for producing natural fused quartz and synthetic fused silica for the semiconductor and photonics industry. With locations all around the globe, Heraeus Conamic offers fused silica products ranging from semi-finished goods to complex system components to custom-tailored solutions.

Heraeus Conamic - backbone of the information age: Every facet of modern technology reaching from the smallest microchip to the largest communication network has been touched by quartz or fused silica at some point during its creation.

We offer quartz glass in various quality grades such as electric fused, flame fused or synthetic quartz glass.  Our quartzware is used in semiconductor applications such as epitaxy, diffusion, etchings and cleaning. I.e. glass tubes, boats, pedestals, carriers, bell jars, crucibles and tanks.


  • Quartz Base Materials / Semifinished Fused Quartz
    Pre- and semifinished high purity quartz products like tubes, plates, ingots, opaque quartz products...

  • Heraeus Clear Fused Quartz solutions offer the best in class, lowest levels of inclusions and bubbles, meeting even the requirements of the most challenging applications. Convince yourself and have a clear view on your world with Heraeus Clear Fused Quartz. To learn more follow the link: www.herae.us/cfq

    Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®) is a unique black opaque quartz glass composite that benefits from high purity and other properties of our advanced white opaque (OM®) and clear fused (HSQ®) quartz solutions. HBQ® offers smart answers to individual problems, and new answers to old material challenges. Convince yourself and step into a new world of possibilities with Heraeus Black Quartz.  To learn more follow the link: www.herae.us/hbq

    Heraeus Opaque Quartz OM® is a high purity opaque quartz glass. The proprietary technology results in a unique microporosity that provides superior thermal characteristics when compared to other opaque materials. Convince yourself and retain the heat of your world with Heraeus Opaque Quartz OM®. To learn more follow the link: www.herae.us/om

  • Fabricated quartzware
    Quartz glass components for the production of microchips and solar cells as well as repair and refurbishment services...

  • Heraeus can provide quartzware for all of the common semiconductor applications such as CVD, epitaxial deposition and other high-temperature processes. Solutions are available for processing 4 inch up to 12 inch wafers.

    Heraeus can also provide quartzware ready for install (CFI) enabling our customers to use our products directly after delivery and without any further treatment.

    Optimum performance of high-end quartzware is determined by the design optimization, selecting the ideal raw materials and cleanliness during fabrication. Heraeus offers design assistance through our worldwide fabrication network.

    Product examples for batch systems are process tubes, liners, wafer carriers, pedestals, gas injectors, bell jars and many more complex components.

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