Zhenjiang,  Jiangsu 
  • Booth: 2565

LANJIAN ELECTRONICS —— Endless Connection Support!

LANJIAN is an advanced manufacturer specializing in connectors, adapters and cable assemblies, with product frequency up to 110GHz. Products are used in 5G communications, chip / semiconductor, quantum communications, satellite systems, aerospace, rail transit and instrumentation. 1mm-110GHz is mainly used in semiconductor testing, satellite communication and instrumentation; 1.35mm-90GHz is used in unmanned driving and satellite communication.
Millimeter wave connectors 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm are widely used in optical communication, Internet of things instruments and radar systems. 18GHz high frequency BNC products are used in broadcasting system, 4K, 8K HD and remote video communication. SMP, SMPM, SMPS series of ultra miniaturized blind products are mainly used in military industry, semiconductor communication, optical communication and security system. Low loss stable phase cable assembly is widely used in radar communication and transmission system; integral armored cable assembly is used in harsh environment and long-distance transmission system; semi-rigid and semi-flexible cable assembly is used in 5G communication equipment, quantum communication and instrumentation.


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