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SEMSYSCO is a global leader in high speed plating (HSP) and expert in wet process solutions for the semiconductor industry. With its innovative processing platforms, it enables our customers to quickly scale their processes to different substrate sizes, even from horizontal wafer processes to vertical panel processing.

All our products are based on three platforms, Triton for horizontal single wafer processing, VHS-P for vertical panel processing, and Galaxy for batch processes. These platforms offer our customers standardized, robust functionality for all their wet processing requirements. We are additionally offering a high degree of customization to our established standards to tailor our products around our customer’s needs.

SEMSYSCO is ready for the Industry 4.0 transformation, enabling the capture and use of all relevant process data and smart process controlling with e.g. end point or end of life detection systems.

Our customer base includes world leading semiconductor manufacturers as well as celebrated research institutes.

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