SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o.

Czech Republic
  • Booth: 1683

Front-end Semiconductor equipment from the Heart of Europe



Our experience is based on a long history and tradition of the semiconductor industry in former Czechoslovakia, in a place called the Czech Silicon Valley. 

For over 20 years we have been striving towards development of the tomorrow’s tools and tomorrow’s process innovations. To do this successfully, we cooperate with leading R&D laboratories, universities and scientific institutes.

The company’s headquarters and production plant are located in the Czech Republic. We have world wide network of business representatives, including SVCS Service Centres in China, India, Russia and the USA.

SVCS has delivered installations for customers all over the Planet, for example: Australia, Belarus, France, China, India, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan and the USA.



  • Horizontal Furnaces
    Designed for high performance in production environment while stays efficient and economic...

  • Processes

    • Atmospheric
    • LPCVD
    • PECVD


    Features and Benefits

    • Maintenance friendly mechanical design
    • State of the art modular control system, in-house designed and manufactured
    • 10,4“ high-res touchscreen for operator interface
    • Up to 4 stacked quartz  or SiC tube reactor chambers for various procesess
    • No thermal interference between different tubes
    • Contactless fully automated boat-in-tube loading both cantilever or softlanding configurations
    • Independent tube level control system
    • HW safety interlocks independent on main CPU
    • HEPA or ULPA filtres installed in load station
    • Boat elevator and wafer handling automation
    • UHP face seal fittings and welds for connections
    • UHP orbital weldings made in 100/10 Cleanroom

  • Vertical Furnaces
    Scallable for production or R&D applications...

  • Processes

    • Atmospheric
    • LPCVD



    • Automatic wafer handling system for loading wafers from SMIF or FOUP closed pods
    • Special automatic loading system by SVCS which allows loading wafers from open cassettes and provides an exceptionally small footprint
    • Quartz, SiC or mono-Si boats can be used
    • Highly tailored state of the art modular control system, in house designed and manufactured
    • 10,4“ high-res touchscreen for operator interface 
  • Compact Tabletop Furnaces
    Unique compact design, all features of the grown-up furnace...

  • Processes

    • Atmospheric
    • LPCVD
    • PECVD



    • Ideally suited for R&D labs and pilot fabs
    • Small footprint
    • Table or standalone solution (with stands)
    • Stackable desing (e.g. double tabletop variant)
    • Low power consumption
    • Easy operation and maintenance
    • Heating element with 1 or 3 temperature zones and max. temperature up to 1300 °С
    • Modern modular proprietary control system
    • Up to 8 gas lines and 2 liquid sources
    • Independent hardware safety interlocks
    • Integration of vacuum pump systems in cooperation with leading pump manufacturers
  • UHP Gas Delivery Systems
    Tailored gas systems and gas panels for various wafer production technologies...

  • AGC Automatic Gas Cabinets

    • Open, wall mounted systems (for inert gases) depending on configuration
    • 1-cylinder cabinet, with purge gas from external source
    • 2-cylinder cabinet
      • 2 process gas cylinders, w/purge gas from ext. source + auto changeover
      • 1 process gas cylinder, 1 purge gas cylinder
    • 3-cylinder cabinet (2 × process + 1 × purge), with auto changeover

    VMB Valve Manifold Boxes

    • 2 typical modifications: 2-4 and 5-8 independent outputs
    • A wide range of automation: from manual control to fully automatic
    • Optional conenction to the integrated control system SVCS Super Visor
    • Process gas leak detection
    • Hazardous gases detection and ventilating the space of gas panels

    Gas Panels

    • Orbital welded, manufactured and assembled in 10/100 Cleanroom
    • 100 % Helium leak test and functional test of all individual components before/after welding and panel assembly
    • Tubing, fittings, valves, pressure regulators, filters, flow devices and MFCs with either metal face or butt weld connections
    • Surface roughness Ra max. 10 µinch or better
    • Very low internal volume achieved by using special mini-weld heads
    • Compact internal vacuum generator for cycle purging


    • Fully automatic control system with TouchScreen display
    • Automatic cycle purging
    • Cylinder pressure or cylinder weight monitoring
    • Pressure transducer for output pressure monitoring
    • Excess flow switch
    • Programmable cylinder pressure or weight limits for automatic changeover
    • External digital inputs and outputs
    • Multiple level password protection for various operation modes
    • Ethernet interface for LAN connection
  • ALD Single Wafer Reactor
    ALD Reactor with combined MW surfatrons and ECWR plasma sources...

  • Processes

    • ALD
      • Metal oxides: Al2O3, TiO2, Fe2O3
      • Metal nitrides: AlN, TiN, TaN
    • ALEt
      • Semiconductors: Si, Ge
      • Dielectrics: Al2O3, SiO2, Si3N4


    • Thermal and plasma ALD with process temperature up to 400ºC
    • Thin film depositions on various wafers sizes
    • Height adjustable electrically isolated substrate holder (variable distance from the plasma discharge)
    • Substrate rotation up to 60rpm
    • Solid state MW and RF power generators (300 and 1200W)
    • Load-lock Automation
    • Clean-room ready
    • Connecting various equipment for in-situ process monitoring (ellipsometry, mass spectroscopy, …)
    • Atomic Layer Etching option with tunable substrate biasing
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