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Selective coating for EMI shielding in 5G technology

Offering accurate selective coating without any masking is the key benefit of the Prexonics® full system solution for EMI shielding on package level. Selective coating with silver ink offers several advantages for 5G applications. Silver is an excellent electrical conductor and can provide strong electromagnetic shielding for components in 5G devices. This helps to reduce interferences and ensure signal integrity, which is essential for robust 5G performance. This new technology is the first to enable a thickness aspect ratio of 1:1 at topside and sidewalls and thus only 1.5-2μm conductive film on topside is needed to achieve the required shielding performance. Prexonics® is a unique full system solution offered by Heraeus Printed Electronics, that consists of a special particle-free silver ink, an inkjet printer, and a manufacturing process that uses inkjet printing to apply full, partial or trench coating. This approach allows selective and precise deposition of the silver ink onto specific areas of the component, avoiding excess material and minimizing waste. By using the specialized silver ink customized thin metallization films are possible in the range of 150nm to 4µm.


  • Prexonics® System Solution for EMI Shielding in 5G
    Full System Solution combines particle-free silver ink and an inkjet printer for superior EMI shielding using maskless selective coating....

  • Prexonics®
    System Solution for EMI Shielding in 5G Technology

    Key Benefits

    Superior Shielding Performance

    • -60dB shielding achieved across broad frequency range with Ag coating

    Improved Efficiency (compared to PVD)

    • Lower TCO
    • Lower capex and smaller footprint

    Selective Printing Capability

    • Customized print layout with targeted ink deposition to create selective printing; no masking or etching required
    • Reduces process complexity, time and cost
    • Offers the opportunity for package design freedom, new grounding methodology, thermal management for multi-chip SiP

    Prexonics® is a full system solution that optimizes EMI shielding while ensuring proper functioning of high-frequency onboard chips and their ultra-fast data transmission. This system consists of particle-free silver ink and a manufacturing process that uses inkjet printing to apply the shielding coating.

    We have the capability to match all process, product and equipment perfectly to each other. In our application center we offer design support, materials analysis, troubleshooting, and the design of experiments. This enables us to embed our material into customer development to achieve a maximum of system performance and reliability.