Component Technology Pte., Ltd.

Singapore,  Singapore 
  • Booth: 2667

Leading Supplier of Post Die and Wire Bond AOI


Component Technology Private Limited, incorporated in Singapore on 11 November 1989.

Through continuous innovation with customers’ requirement as our focus, we aim for breakthrough innovation.

We have built good relationships with global leading automotive electronics and high-end semiconductor IDMs and OSATs.

Leveraging on technology, quality, cost, service and delivery we have achieved customer satisfaction.

Our vision solutions include wafer inspection, leadframe measurement and inspection, die and wire bond inspection, moulded package inspection and x-ray image analyser.


  • Automated Optical Inspection Solutions
    Our AOI machines IV-4000 Series & IV-5000 Series play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic products, particularly those with sophisticated semiconductor components. ...

  • Key Features:

    1. High-resolution Optical Inspection for Pre and Post Die/Wire Bond Defects Detection

    2. Real-time Data Analysis, Traceability and Reporting with SECGEM and Strip Map Functions

    3. Optional Add-on SECS/GEM communication and SEMI Strip Map Feature

    4. User-friendly Interface for Intuitive Operation

    5. AI Integration Capability to Improve Detection Consistency and Reduce Human Assist

    6. Detects Defects and Anomalies with High Accuracy Detection and Measurement


    1. Increases Manufacturing Efficiency and Quality Control Effectiveness

    2. Improve Process Yield by Identify Defects in the Earlier Stage of Backend Process


    1. Worldwide Distribution

    2. Highly responsive Technical Team for Support Locally and Oversea

    3. Customizable Options for Specific Manufacturing Needs

    4. Qualified AOI Supplier for Semiconductor IDMs  and OSATs