• The AccurET and UltimET motion control solutions benefit from ETEL’s long experience in linear/torque motors, motion systems and motion controllers. This range defines the new standard for motion control in the industry: UltimET Light motion controllers and AccurET position controllers offer unmatched performance in such a small volume. Now, the customer can improve machine’s throughput... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Oct 20, 2016, by Heidenhain France Sarl (#652)

      The RTMBi Series is a family of high precision indexing tables proposed with 5 different active lengths. Integrating ETEL direct drive torque motors, the RTMBi Series benefits from the best motor constant on the market (Nm/√W) allowing very high acceleration during indexation with low power dissipation. The RTMBi Series is... Learn More

  • MOTION SYSTEM DESIGN XY table This construction provides the simplest form of 2 linear degrees of freedom of a positioning system where the base of the top axis is screwed to the carriage of the lower axis. Ironcore linear motors with reduced cogging High precision linear encoder High precision recirculating caged ball bearings, for stiffness... Learn More

  •   The Vulcano XY system is a three-piece-design allowing a compact and cost engineered solution, coupled to mechanical bearings and high-end optical encoders. The baseplate of the bottom axes (Y1 & Y2) is composed of 2 ironcore linear motors, controlled in a gantry mode, when used with AccurET controllers, to allow better... Learn More

  • Agileo Automation will unveil at SEMICON Europa 2016 Speech Scenario, its new software to automate SECS/GEM equipment interface validation. GEM stands for Generic Equipment Model, however each equipment needs to specialize the SECS/GEM interface to take in account its equipment specificities. Some tools allow SECS/GEM interface validation by manually sending SECS-II... Learn More

  • Elsoff. The Little Things Factory is now in the position to offer a wide range of reactors and fluidic chips made of quartz (fused silica). In contrast to other glass materials, quartz glass provides a variety of advantageous product properties. These include inter alia High transmission in the ultraviolet range Low thermal... Learn More

  • miniswys is a technology provider of specific and patented cost effective ultrasonic ceramic micro motor, optimized for mid to high mass production applications. miniswys provides custom solutions for OEM applications in highly challenging B2B markets. The miniswys motors  are very well adapted for application as : autofocus for telecommunication system ( camera module... Learn More

  • Kawasaki Robotics at Semicon Europe in Grenoble The Semicon Europe is the leading trade fair for the microelectronics industry in Europe. This year´s Semicon takes place in Grenoble, France from Oct. 25th to 27th. Kawasaki Robotics, the leading Robot Manufacturer shows at this important trade fair three robots related to the microelectronics... Learn More

  • L’humidification est en un facteur essentiel dans de nombreuses applications pour garantir la continuité de la production, la conservation des biens et des marchandises et dans des domaines d’application tels que l’industrie électronique. Condair Group est le leader mondial dans la fabrication de systèmes d’humidification industriels et commerciaux. Condair est un groupe international... Learn More

  • EpiGaN will present the latest GaN on Si and GaN on SiC product solutions at this year's Semicon Europe Show. Through continuous material and process innovation and quality improvements, EpiGaN is addressing the requirements of the Electronic industry, offering advanced GaN product solutions such as: GaN on Si epiwafers (up to 200mm) ... Learn More

  • BILLERICA, MA  – Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG), a leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials solutions for the microelectronics industry, is proudly celebrating its 50th year of helping customers solve their critical materials challenges and enhance their manufacturing yields. “It has been an exciting journey for us that began with the emergence... Learn More

  • Omni Technologies’ Premiere at Semicon Europa Six Partners to present emergent technologies at European industry showpiece   Omni Technologies http://www.omni-technologies.co.uk, a representative of leading service providers and equipment manufacturers for the semiconductor, R&D and related industries, announces their debut next month @ the Semicon Europa Show (Booth #954).   Omni will be displaying equipment from... Learn More

  • Garching, June 30, 2016 – SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, announced the launch of the MA/BA Gen4 series today. The new generation of SUSS MicroTec’s semi-automated Mask and Bond Aligners extends its capabilities by major improvements in alignment accuracy,... Learn More

  • Garching, August 18, 2016 SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, today announces the successful certification to the ISO 14001:2015 norm. This international standard sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. This standard includes numerous requirements on environmental... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Sep 22, 2016, by Schunk Xycarb Technology (#1332)

    Xycarb Ceramics offers an extensive line of high-quality consumable components for wafer manufacturing and processing equipment. Our specialties encompass the whole range of consumable components required. for MOCVD, EPI, RTP, lon Implant, Etch , CVD and PVD equipment as well as for Solar wafer production equipment. Specified by major manufacturers... Learn More

  • Smoltek has appointed Boucher Lensch Associates LLC, BLA, as financial advisor for its upcoming A-round aiming to raise $7 million. BLA provides strategic and financial advisory services to public and private companies in the semiconductor, MEMS and solar cell industries. The nanotech company Smoltek is finally ready to start its A-round... Learn More

  • Red Herring’s editorial team analysed several hundreds of European start-ups within tech and life science industry. The 260 most interesting companies got the chance to pitch and compete during the Red Herring European event that took place 12th - 13th of April in Amsterdam. After a thorough selection based among others... Learn More

  • Digitron Engineering Services GmbH, headquarted in Munich, Germany, offers innovative and unique cost reducing technical outsourcing services exclusively to semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment manufacturer and tool suppliers, world-wide. We are an independent service and support organization, offering technical field and on-site support from our bases in Munich (HQ),  Dresden, Germany, and... Learn More

  • Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass, quartz and glass-Si compound wafers has expanded its production range on carriers for the handling of small semiconductor wafers as well as small substrates for various applications. Your new process tool does not fit to all existing products? You have invested in new, larger... Learn More

  • Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass wafers, has expanded its production on glass and silicon carriers for Thin Wafer Handling of semiconductor wafers. Semiconductor wafers undergo a wide range of process steps. TSV wafers for 3D wafer level packaging require very thin semiconductor substrates. Due to progressing thickness reduction of... Learn More

  • The Surfex® Testing Station is a completely integrated ultrasonic tank that measures particle levels on almost any type of complexly shaped part. The Surfex Testing Station combines ultrasonic extraction, particle measurement, high-purity fluidics, and automated software control to reduce testing time, and therefore reduce the cost of parts testing. A... Learn More

  • The AirSentry II family of ion mobility spectrometers for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) detect and alert users to small concentrations or changes in airborne levels of chlorides, acids, amines and ammonia-containing species. With parts-per-trillion (ppt) sensitivity, these point-of-use sensors provide fast response, increased detection selectivity and repeatable performance. Combining Air Sentry II... Learn More

  • The Nano-ID® NPC10 Nano Particle Counter is the first condensation particle counter specifically developed for ultra-clean manufacturing environments. It provides meaningful data fast by introducing fluid to capture even the smallest particles. This instrument combines 10nm sensitivity with a high sample flow rate and the lowest zero count specification on... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 09, 2016, by camLine GmbH (#1125)

    amLine (www.camLine.com) provides and markets software solutions for manufacturing excellence in high-tech manufacturing industries. camLine’s industrial automation systems are based on MES modules of the product suite LineWorks for high-volume productions. In addition, camLine customers have also implemented LineWorks as their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). For small and medium enterprises... Learn More

  • Implement SPC policies quickly in environments with high product mix and short production runs LineWorks SPACE Version 7.1 (pressebox) (Petershausen, 02.05.2016) Version 7.1 of camLine's flagship product LineWorks SPACE is now available. Providing full quality assurance, the software can present itself proudly to be proven over many years. With SPACE, camLine offers... Learn More