Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Jelight Company manufactures replacement UV curing lights, curing systems, floor cure systems, mercury and additive lamps for flexo-ink drying systems, wafer erasers, UVO cleaners, ozone generators, low and super-high pressure mercury-vapor replacement flash lamps. Jelight Company’s metal halide UV curing lights undergo multiple series of tests to ensure correct starting and operating... Learn More

  • EtchDefender™ is a coating applied to quartzware that increases life up to 3x for quartz exposed to high temperature hydrochloric etch processes.  The coating reduces: 1) replacement parts needed 2) maintenance man-hours to replace quartzware 3) production-hour loss due to maintenance and 4) yield-loss due to contamination introduced during maintenance... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Sep 06, 2018, by VA Innovation Pte Ltd (#A4549)

    VAI has many years experience in semiconductor test application, at VAI we offer test socket and contactor, a unique solutions for various type of devices.  -    Test -    Burn In -    Test Site: Single to 100 multi test site -    Universal test contactor, cater for wide range of package size in one contactor -    Contactor... Learn More

  • The MicroXAM-800 is an optical surface profiler from KLA-Tencor’s surface metrology product line. This non-contact, white light interferometry system differentiates itself with an innovative yet simple user interface. It features a powerful suite of functions to support the broadest range of applications. The MicroXAM-800 is a flexible platform for both acquiring... Learn More

  • ULVAC, a leading manufacturer of metrology- and deposition-tools, developed an innovative high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer for many deposition applications, such as PVD, CVD, ALD and others. This novel spectroscopic ellipsometer can measure the thickness and optical constants of thin films at a dramatically fast speed. Its data acquisition time is as short... Learn More

  • Plan Optik AG offers Carrier Wafers which enable handling of smaller diameter wafers and a variety of substrates with different dimensions. With increasing diameter of wafers processed in semiconductor industry not everyone can afford processing equipment or tools for different wafer diameter or even customized substrate dimensions. Plan Optik‘s Adapter Carriers feature... Learn More

  • Plan Optik AG offers re-usable carriers for thin wafer handling which can be used for mechanical release of the device wafers. There is an ongoing wafer thickness reduction in the semiconductor industry since years. The market is demanding for smaller devices, cost reduction and increased number of functions. Therefore smaller package... Learn More

  • Elsoff. Plan Optik AG expands its range of products which are available off the shelf to feature new materials! Additionally Plan Optik releases a product catalogue including all stock products with detailed information and specification! In respond to the increasing number of customers in need for blank wafers with fast delivery... Learn More

  • SER has started to run a new factory for spring probe pins. Our probe pins are Japan manufacturing. Capacity is 15KK/year. Probe diamter down to 100um, customized and made by fully automatic assembly and 100% inspection.  Visit our booth to ask more details.... Learn More

  • Elsoff. The Little Things Factory is now in the position to offer a wide range of reactors and fluidic chips made of quartz (fused silica). In contrast to other glass materials, quartz glass provides a variety of advantageous product properties. These include inter alia high transmission in the ultraviolet range,... Learn More

  • Feldkirch, Österreich. Das österreichische High-Tech-Unternehmen amcoss GmbH bietet spezialisierte, aber dennoch hochflexible Anlagen für das kostenoptimierte Belacken und Entwickeln von Wafern und anderen Substraten mit lichtempfindlichen Fotolacken oder anderen, insbesondere auch zähen Substanzen. „Mit unseren amc Anlagen realisieren wir für unsere Kunden nicht nur perfekt auf individuelle Anforderungen ausgerichtete und flexibel... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Aug 10, 2018, by Amcoss GmbH (#A4119)

    amcoss GmbH, Leusbundtweg 49a, 6800 Feldkirch, Austria Company owner/director:  Dipl.-Ing. David Marcel Erne Founding year:                  2008 Legal form:                       GmbH - limited liability corporation Industrial sector:               Microsystems Technology, Semiconductor Technology, Wafer Processing, Spin Coating & Developing amcoss in general - overview amcoss GmbH is an innovative high-tech company operating in the semiconductor and microsystems technology market. It... Learn More

  • Feldkirch, Austria. Besides its amc-series spin coaters and developers amcoss GmbH also develops and produces equipment and devices for special applications in production processes, for single-unit production or small-lot fabrication in laboratories. amcoss single machine for HMDS adhesion Conventional coating equipment often will meet their limits when it comes to HMDS... Learn More

  • Feldkirch, Österreich. Neben den Spin Coatern und Developern der amc-Serie entwickelt und produziert die amcoss GmbH eine Reihe von Anlagen und Geräten für Spezialanwendungen in Produktionsprozessen oder auch für kleine Stückzahlen in Laboren oder Einzelfertigungen. amcoss Einzelmaschine für HMDS-Bedampfung Bei der HMDS-Bedampfung stoßen herkömmliche Coater-Anlagen verfahrenstechnisch sehr oft an ihre Grenzen. Die... Learn More

  • Polytec presents the new thickness measurement system from the French manufacturer Enovasense. The system has been developed for determining the thickness of non-transparent and semi-transparent layers and is based on thermophysical measurement principles. This makes it suitable for almost all layers on common substrates such as paints, electroplating and metal coating... Learn More

  • EAG Laboratories and Attolight Announce Partnership Partnership to Deliver Advanced Cathodoluminescence, Photoluminescence and EBIC-Scanning Electron Microscopy Analytical Services to U.S. EAG Laboratories, a global scientific services company that provides testing, analytical and characterization services to technology- and life-science-related industries, and Attolight AG, a manufacturer of integrated quantitative cathodoluminescence instruments have partnered to offer... Learn More