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Chroma is a world leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and test & automation turnkey solutions.

Chroma serves includes electric vehicle, LED, photovoltaic, green battery, semiconductor, photonics, flat panel display, video and color, power electronics, passive component, electrical safety, thermoelectric, automated optical inspection, and intelligent manufacturing system for ICT, clean technology, and smart factory industries.

Chroma has branch offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia chartered to deliver innovative technologies with high value-added service to satisfy our global customers' demands.

For more information, please visit us at A4.557.  

 Press Releases

  • Chroma a world leading supplier of precision testing and measurement instrumentation and automated test turnkey solutions, will present its newest semiconductor test solutions in SEMICON China in March to snatch the IoT and smart vehicle electronics chips market.

    The Chroma 3680 is an advanced, high-precision and high-performance SoC test system that has 2048 I/O channels with a data rate up to 1Gbps, maximum 512 paralleled test units and a 512MW test data memory depth to satisfy the complex SoC testing requirements with the lowest cost of tests. Its application includes MCU, digital audio, digital TV, set-top box, DSP, network processor, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and consumer IC electronics.

    The HDAVO (High Density Audio Video Option) is an option of the 3680 SoC test system that has 8 modules of arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) and digitizers (DGT). The sampling rate is up to 400Msps for each AWG and 250Msps for each DGT. The advantages of superior specification, low cost and multi-functionality make it suitable for a wide range of mixed signals tests such as standard baseband, video, audio, graphics, STB and DTV.

    The CRISPro software kit specifically developed for the 3680 test system allows the users to edit the test programs quickly and easily via a Graphic User Interface (GUI). The supported concurrent testing function not only reduces the test time but also accelerates the throughput of production speed.

  • From nanoparticle monitoring for processing liquids to semiconductor testing complying with AIoT applications

    To be in the tech trend of IoT, Chroma ATE provides a wide portfolio of semiconductor IC test solutions ranging from ATE, PXI systems, IC handlers, and system level test solutions. Innovative Nanotech, a member of Chroma Group, has introduced nanoparticles monitoring systems for semiconductor front-end processes. In SEMICON Taiwan 2018, Chroma will exhibit the SuperSizer in-line nanoparticle monitoring system for you to experience it on site.

    SuperSizer Nanoparticle Monitoring System

    The technology nodes of semiconductor have advanced to 10 nm and 7 nm at an extremely fast speed, and will be 5 nm or even 3 nm in the near future. However, the capabilities of the current particle monitoring technologies can barely monitor particles larger than 20 nm, which lag far behind the industry need. Innovative Nanotech launched an in-line nanoparticle monitoring system, SuperSizer, to detect accurately and efficiently the size and distribution of nanoparticles less than 20 nm. SuperSizer is designed to work 24/7 to improve the purity of the wet chemicals and fabrication yield of semiconductor production.

    SoC Test System for Smart Network

    AI data analysis, big data statistics, voice identification, and network security are the keys to make home smarter and more convenient. In recent year, Chroma has been aggressively developing the equipment to test SoC chips used in the smart home ecosystems by providing highly integrated measurement solution to satisfy the low cost and complex SoC test requirements.

    The HDAVO (High Density Audio Video Option) is an optional mixed-signal module that can provide source and capture test capabilities with Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) and Digitizer (DGT) functions when integrated into an audio recognition SoC test system. The module has 8 AWG and 8 digitizers on an instrument board with sampling rate up to 400Msps for each AWG and 250Msps for each DGT. The advantages of high specification, low cost and multi-functional make it suitable for a wide range of mixed signals tests and even applicable for I/Q signals development for the future 5G baseband chips. The CRISPro software environment provides a powerful tool for the users to edit or debug the test programs quickly and easily via a Graphic User Interface (GUI). The supported concurrent testing function not only reduces the programming time but also accelerates the production speed.

    IoT Connectivity Test Solution

    With its versatile wireless measurement technologies, the MP5806 RF tester is readily integrated into the classical portfolio of Chroma semiconductor test equipment, offering an upgrade option of RFIC testing for the pre-existing Chroma VLSI / SoC test systems in addition to their essential capabilities in testing digital, analog, or mixed-signal IC. Developed by Adivic Technology in Chroma Group, the MP5806 RF tester supports major Internet of Things (IoT) wireless standards such as NB-IoT, GPS/BeiDou, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, tuner, and others. Its broadband VSG/VSA module with 10MHz~6GHz full-frequency coverage can comprehensively cover future wireless standards.

    PXIe Digital I/O Card with ATE Function

    The Chroma 33010 PXIe Digital I/O Card provides automatic test functions based on PXIe architecture to meet the coming demand of PXI testing. To satisfy smaller IC channels and increasingly complex test functions, especially on IoT and automotive electronics IC, the PXI/PXIe architecture in semiconductor tests offers advantages of diversity and flexibility in MCU, MEMS, RF IC and PMIC testing. It is also feasible for porting to Chroma 3380D (256 channels), Chroma 3380P (512 channels) and Chroma 3380 (1024 channels) for mass-production as they have high similarity in both software and hardware.

    SEMICON Europe 2018 will be held from 13-16.Sept, and Chroma will show the newest semiconductor/IC test solutions at the Messe Munich Hall A3 (Booth No. 530) with many more customized solutions to fulfill your requirements. We welcome you to experience new trends in test and measurement, and look forward to meeting you at this annual event.


  • Cobra Thermal Management System
    Cobra is an adaptable ATC solution to the ever-increasing thermal demands of post-silicon validation and failure analysis. Combining all the benefits of evaporative cooling, mobility, quiet operation and liquid-free technology. ...

  • Cobra works by using the vapor-compression cycle to directly cool the DUT.

    By vapor cooling the DUT directly, you can use a much smaller system and not have to deal with loud pumps, expensive fluids, fragile TECs, and all the electronics associated with those components.

    It can support the temperature from -40°C~150°C and also has the strong capability of heat dissipation ( < 80°C @ 600W). In addition, temperature can be precisely controlled with PID.

    Product Features:

    • Compact footprint
    • Self-contained – No external chiller required
    • Liquid-free Operation
    • Rapid temperature cycling rates
    • Minimal Maintenance

    Product Applications

    • ATE
    • SLT

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