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Vaterstetten,  D-85591

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SRO-700/-714/-716 VACUUM REFLOW: Soldering/Brazing OVENS/RTAs, semi automatic

SRO i-Line: Vacuum Reflow Soldering, fully automatic, high volume, void free-IGBT-CSP-DBC,Flip Chip


SRO-71x-TCB THERMO COMPRESSION BONDER: 300°C, Transient Liquid Phase Soldering/Bonding, warped/thinned chip Ag sintering, Cu pillar/micro bump flip chip soldering

PEO-601/-604 QUARTZ TUBE FURNACE: Fast ramping, multipurpose, ultra-uniform, LPCVD, CNT/graphene, VCSEL/ AlGaAs/ Si oxidation, diffusion, high vacuum, H2, annealing, alloying, LTCC sintering, thick film paste firing, Polyimide backing, Poly Si, Epitaxy, Si3N4, LTO, P & N solid source diffusion

PHP-630 LTCC SINTERING PRESS: 1100°C, Constrained LTCC sintering, hot LTCC/ glass embossing

RV-126/-129 DIAMOND SCRIBERS: to 200 mm Si Wafers, Al2O3, glass, InPh, GaAs

IR CVD/ALD SYSTEM:1050°C, single wafer, fast temperature & pressure

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  • ATV PEO-604 Multipurpose Fast Ramping Furnace
    The PEO is ideal tool for R&D purposes and pilot line production tool. It can be applied easily for new unique and sophisticated process development as well low to medium volume production applications....

  • PEO-603/4 Features:

    Floor space saving by small foot print/Energy saving by zero energy consumption at ambient standby/Max 100 wafer/process run/Up to 200mm Ø wafers/Multiple processes by easily exchangeable quartz In Liners/Easily exchangeable quartz In Liners/Temperature Ramping:Up to 1.000°C  within 15 minutes: down to < 100°C in less than 60 minutes/ 1K per 100 minutes (slowest ramping speed up/down)/Max. 1.100°C continuous processing/Temperature range  250°C to 1.100°C/Low temperature processing with gas preheating/Ultimate vacuum < 5 x 10-6 mbar/He leak rate: < 5 x 10-9 mbar l/s/O2 = N2 supply quality/100 steps/progra

    Common Applications PEO-603/4:
    CVD, PVD, LPCVD, MOCVD / Si3N4, Poly Si / Insitu doping with toxic gases / Si Epitaxy / TEOS, LTO /
    Carbon Nanotubes, Si Nanowires, Graphene / Gas/Solid Source Diffusion / Wet/Dry Oxidation / Al Oxidation for VCSEL /
    Trans LC / SiAl/SiAu/SiMo alloying / Annealing:Inert/noble/reactive Atmosphere: Hydrogen; High vacuum; Post Implant Annealing / Low K / Polyimide/BCB, Curing/Baking / LTCC Sintering, Thick film paste firing 

  • ATV SRO i-Line High Volume Production
    Our all-new and groundbreaking SRO i-Line is a high volume production tool used for vacuum reflow soldering. Implementing this tool within the ATV single chamber approach will help to fulfil all your current and future demands. ​...

  • Features SRO i-Line:
    High Troughput / Short cycle times / Vacuum level 10¯² mbar / Formic Acid / process temperature up tp 450°C / Temperature ramp-up rate 3K/sec. / Temperature cool-down rate 2K/sec. / Excellent temperature uniformity  / IR Heating / Small footprint (No footprint change up to 3 Process Chambers)

    Common Applications SRO i-Line:

    IGBT/DBC / Power Semiconductors / Sensors / MEMS Devices / DIE Attachment / High Power LED / Hybrid Assembly / Flip Chip / Package Sealing

  • ATV SRO-706 Getter
    Programmable Solder Reflow Oven/Thermal Reactor/High Vacuum Package Lid Sealing System/Thermal and Electrical getter Activation...

  • Features SRO-706 Getter:

    Maximum temperature 450°C/500°C / High vacuum capability <1 x 10-6 mbar / Package and lid separated during high vacuum getter activation / Water cooled shutters in between / Package/die temperature < 100°C while 450°C lid/window temperature / RGA data right after sealing < 4 x 10-3 mbar with getter material / RGA data long time after sealing < 4 x 10-4 mbar with getter material / Air leak rate after 30 years < 3 x 10-16 mbar l/s with getter materia

    Common Applications SRO-706 Getter

    Package sealing with high vacuum encapsulation / MEMS Cap/package lid sealing / Microbolometers / IR detectors / Gyroscopes / Thermal & electrical getter activation

  • ATV PHP-630 LTCC Sintering Press
    With the PHP-630 ATV has a well thought system which has a wide application field in this market. The PHP-630 can operate in pressure mode but also in a pressure less mode for non-constrained sintering, thick film paste firing or annealing....

  • Features PHP-630

    Low Power consumption 4kW @ 1000°C // Zero % LTCC X/Y shrinkage // Heating Rate: < 70min. to 1000°C (empty chamber) // Cooling Rate: < 90min. from 1000°C  to 100°C (empty chamber) // Control range: 250°C – 1 100°C, under vacuum up to max. 1 000°C, Accuracy < ±0,5°C > 350°C // Pressure up to 50kN, 100N controlled resolution, 500N minimal pressure force // PLC based 100 step recipe program // Pneumatic driven Press assembly // In-Situ measurement for inclination angle // In-Situ shrinkage monitoring // Recipe controlled atmosphere: O2 down to N2 supply quality; > 1 mbar // Recipe controlled pressure less mode

    Common Applications PHP-630

    Constrained LTCC Sintering // LTCC Embossing // Glass Imprinting // Glass Embossing

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