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Welcome to AES motomation - Handling & Control Excellence

AES motomation specializes in automated material handling equipment and services for the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar markets. Together with our Japanese principles: Nidec Sankyo Robotics and Sinfonia Technology, it is our mission to either, depending on our customers’ individual needs, provide drop-in-replacement individual modules such as load portsrobots or pre-aligners or provide the entire EFEM system with a turnkey solution.

Our mission, however, goes far beyond providing individual modules or systems. With a global infrastructure, we work tirelessly pre-and-post sales to ensure that our customers are getting excellent and prompt support and services far exceeding their expectations regardless of the module types or combinations.

Please come and visit us at Booth A403 to see a live handling demonstration or see how our products can improve your manufacturing efficiency and reduce cost.


  • Sinfonia - N2 Sealed Load Port
    The 1st and perhaps the only N2 Sealed Load Port on the market today!...

  • In conjunction with Sinfonia’s N2 EFEM, the N2 Sealed load port is also one of the first if not the only currently existing load port on the market today.

    Its patented side clamps completely sealed an open FOUP during processing, creating two separate atmospheres: O2 outside and as low as 100ppm of O2 inside the EFEM.

    Its bottom purge nozzles are movable and the pressure can be varied at each nozzle via MFCs or flow meters. Hence, enabling the load port to be compatible with several types of N2 purge FOUPS including but not limited to A300 and Spectra.

    Finally, the nozzles heads are exchangeable to adapt to any FOUP’s gourmet types and GAS filters are strategically placed right before the nozzles to create a tight seal and deliver the highest and cleanliest gas into the FOUP, respectively.

  • Sinfonia – Diversity in Load Port Solutions
    Variety of Modules meet 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm requirements...

  • ► 300mm Standard Load Port

    ► Compatible with all SEMI compliant FOUPs

    ► User friendly and functional due to large indicators with selectable FAB-specific configurations

    ► Reliably working in most of 300mm FABs all over the world with abundant supply reference

    ► Superior cleanliness due to original design preventing particles from penetrating the FOUP

    ► Corrosion resistant model available

    ► Compliant with SEMI, CE and FAB requirements

    ► Fast and accurate mapping technology (Wafer Presence, Double, Cross detection)

    ► Thin wafer mapping capability

    ► Easy to integrate and maintain

    ► 300mm and 450mm N2 Purge Load Ports

    ► Prevent cross contamination and surface oxidation

    ► Moveable purge nozzles allows very reliable placement of the FOUP

    ► 200mm/300mm AutoSwitch Load Port

    ► Allows an easy switch-over between 200mm Open Cassette and 300mm FOUP without any modifications

    ► Automatic Mapping for either wafer size

    ► Multi-Carrier Universal Load Port

    ► BOLT-Interface: Exchangeable with 300mm FOUP Load Port

    ► Multi-Carrier compatible by carrier adapter use

    ► 150mm/200mm Wafer (SEMI Standard)

    ► 150mm/200mm FFC (Tape Frame)

    ► 150mm/200mm Hoop Ring

    ► Automatic Identification of all above mentioned carriers

  • Sankyo – Diversity in Wafer and Reticle Handling
    Variety of Robot systems to meet your requirements...

  • Front End Automation —SR824x Robot Family

    ► Small Installation Space— Wide Working Area
    Unique 3-Link Robot Design enables access to 2 or 3 FOUPs (SR8240) and 3 or 4 FOUPs (SR8241) without the need of a linear track

    ► Universal Hand Interface—Wide Variety of End Effectors (with and w/o integrated Mapping): Vacuum, Edge-Grip and Passive

    ► Supinator Version (add. Flip-Axis)

    ► Optional Vacuum and Passive Pre-Aligner

    ► High Speed—Maximum Throughput:
    Single Arm / Double End Effector

  • Auto Teaching Sensor Carrier
    Simplifies Tool Setup and Reduces Down Time...

  • Our Auto Teaching solution replaces the mundane and unreliable manual teaching process by automatically verifying the difference between generic positions (e.g. CAD) and actual positions. The data is then automatically saved to the robot controller.

    The sensor carrier is highly customizable to detect any generic fiducial points(e.g. placement pins) without ever requiring the need for specialized sensors like our competitors.

    It can also be customized into any size and shape of any substrates (wafers, reticles, LCD or Solar panels and etc.) Finally, it can be suitable for any robot systems and only one is needed for all systems.

  • Sinfonia - N2 EFEM
    Contributing to the Next Generation of Technology...

  • Sinfonia’s N2 EFEM is one of the first if not the only currently existing N2 EFEM on the market today that contributes to the hyper clean environment, enabling the ongoing ramping of 10nm processes today.

    Together with Sinfonia’s N2 Sealed Load Port, 100 ppm of O2 can easily be achieved and maintained while consuming extremely low N2 gas. An environmental differential pressure of 10 ±3.5 Pa gauge can also be automatically controlled.

    The N2 EFEM footprint is designed exactly as a conventional EFEM. Thus, enabling our customers to easily upgrade their front-ends without requiring additional space. Furthermore, the N2 EFEM can be customized and is also equipped with a Sankyo trackless robot, with a performance throughput of 200+ wafer/hour, that serves at least 2 and at most 4 load ports.


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