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Erding,  D-85435

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KITEC solutions for equipment automation and metrology

KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH was found 1987 specialized in frontend semiconductor equipment, metrology tools and wafer handling systems. We represent and distribute equipment for metrology and wafer handling. Metrology Non contact resistance and thickness measurement systems with wafer mapping and automatic wafer loading for wafer from 2“ up to 300mm. Filmetrics, Inc. - film thickness measurements and mapping monitor wafers as well as on product wafers. Wafer Handling Automatic batch wafer transfer tools for a wide range of applications including OEM integrations. Single wafer sorters with two load ports tabletop and multistation with integrated OCR reading. Automatic microscope stage loaders including macro inspection and complete visual wafer inspection systems.

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  • Wafer Inspection system
    The system is for visual inspection system for wafer defects. It offers fast qualification and quantification of defects....

  • The system is engineered with versatility in mind. The wafer inspection system has an integrated wafer loader from a cassette including macro inspection option. Each bench-top wafer loader can handle a wide variety of wafer sizes and easily integrate with other machines. The full automated version of wafer inspection system can analyzes different wafer´s material. With multiple magnifications the system can fully characterize defect´s frequency and type. End effectors are customized to fit any customer application.

  • Non-contact resistance measurement
    These systems are advanced and non-contact resistance measurement, sheet resistivity mapping and thickness measurement system....

  • These systems are for non contact resistance and resistivity measurements of semiconductor substrates, EPI, as well as implant or metallizations. A wide range of different models and system configurations is available to measure small samples in a laboratory scale up to fully automatic system. Options and tool configurations are available with integrated thickness measurements and proprietary measurement compensation, e.g. thickness or temperature. Inline non contact resistance and thickness measurement system to be mounted into the conveyor system of a production line for a process control is possible.

  • COMET Batch Wafer Transfer
    COMET Batch Transfer is wafer transfer system and available with one up to three stations and handle with different wafer sizes, depending from model....

  • For application of wafers from 3" up to 300mm of diameter. Systems transfer from plastic carrier to any kind of process carrier, including quartz or SiC carrier. Automatic handling process like simple wafer transfer, back to back transfer or merge and split batches are available.

    It´s easy to integrate COMET  batch transfer in your process line. All models are fast, clean, reliable and accurate.  The transfer system is customizable for your different boats and carriers and compatible with your communication requirements. Operating - with one button system - is simple as well as the maintenance.

    GEMINI- one of the world smallest batch transfer system can be use anywhere in the Fab, replacing conventional horizontal pushers for a safe transfer. 

  • Automated Thin-Film Thickness Mapping System
    The F-60 is a non-contact thin film thickness and n&k mapping system for monitor wafers. The system is for single layer and multi-layer applications for Oxide, Nitride and Poly processes as well as many other thin film applications....

  • F-60 thin film mapping systems with advanced spectral reflectance system are available for thin films as thin as 10nm up to films of 450µm of thickness with high precision of up to 0.1nm. The fast alignment and measurement process provide a cycle time of only 45s for a 49 point mapping plan. Many customized mapping plans are easy created or downloaded. F-60T is the small footprint tabletop system for wafers up to 300mm. F-60C the fast automatic mapping systems with wafer loading of wafers from 100mm up to 200mm or 200mm to 300mm.

  • COMET Single Wafer Sorter
    A stand alone single wafer sorter, which is capable of randomization, compacting and single wafer transfer via drag and drop. The wafer sorter also has customizable recipes....

  • Table top pick and place system, as well as complex sorting system with up to four load ports are possible. Automatic carrier mapping with cross slotting and double wafer checking provides a safer sorting of wafers. Both table top and complex version can handle with different wafer sizes.

    The complex COMET Wafer OCR is available with wafer alignment and with scribe reading for fast sorting processes including SECS/GEM communication.

  • Little Tools Waferhandling
    Handy and easy to use tools to help the day to day operation with small footprint....

  • Tools example:

    • Metal carrier, silicon carbide boat
    • Vacuum wafer wands and tips with spiral hose and a table or wall mounted holders. Also battery operated with handy design and low weight.
    • Universal flat aligner for manual operated or automated; can be adapt to different carriers
    • Automatic notch finder with selection of notch up or down alignment, both with ESD protection
    • Stair step lifter with LED viewing light presents the wafer IDs for visual reading
    • Cascade wafer presenter automatically aligns and lifts the wafers for easy viewing of wafer ID´s
    • 150mm aligner / counter is the combination of an automatic flat aligner and mapping function to count the number of wafers in a cassette

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