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Since 1980, Nikon Corporation has been revolutionizing lithography with innovative products and technologies. The company is a worldwide leader in semiconductor lithography systems for the microelectronics manufacturing industry with more than 8,000 (semiconductor) lithography systems installed worldwide. Nikon offers the most extensive selection of production-class steppers and scanners in the industry. These products serve the semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD) and thin-film magnetic head (TFH) industries. The extensive Nikon product portfolio includes specialized lithography solutions for MEMS, LED, and packaging applications as well. Nikon Precision Europe GmbH provides service, training, applications and technical support, as well as sales and marketing for Nikon lithography systems in Europe. For more information about Nikon, access our website at


  • Nikon NSR-S635E ArF Immersion Scanner
    The NSR-S635E ArF immersion scanner leverages the proven Streamlign platform and incorporates the latest developments in scanner technology to deliver world-class device patterning and optimum fab productivity to fully satisfy 5 nm node requirements....

  • The industry-leading NSR-S635E ArF immersion scanner leverages the proven Streamlign platform, incorporating the latest developments in lens, autofocus, alignment, and defectivity minimization technology to deliver unparalleled multiple patterning performance and productivity.

    The S635E has demonstrated world-class single machine overlay (SMO) of ~ 1 nm across a single lot in precision mode, as well as five lot data below 1.4 nm (Avg. +3σ) in standard mode. The S635E can also be coupled with the Nikon inline alignment station (iAS) to further enhance scanner on-product overlay performance and productivity.

    The NSR-S635E can process up to 275 wafers per hour. In addition, nozzle innovations prevent immersion defects, while enhanced overlay and focus stability contribute to maximized tool productivity and fab daily output. These elements ensure world-class device patterning and optimum fab productivity to satisfy 5 nm node requirements.

  • NSR-S322F and NSR-S220D DUV Scanners
    NSR-S322F ArF and S220D KrF scanners deliver world-class performance for critical non-immersion layers. They enable scanner throughput ≥ 230 WPH, as well as SMO ≤ 2 nm (S322F) and ≤ 3 nm (S220D). They also can be integrated with LithoBooster....

  • Nikon offers the industry-leading S322F ArF and S220D KrF scanners, which utilize the Streamlign platform, to deliver world-class performance for critical non-immersion layers. Chipmakers will use dry lithography as much as possible to balance multiple patterning costs, making scanner throughput vital.  

    The S322F and S220D employ sophisticated dry sequencing, and their wafer stages use optimized scan speed and acceleration capabilities to reduce exposure time. In addition, the Stream Alignment wafer mapping system utilizes multiple alignment microscopes (Five-Eye FIA) and a wide area autofocus sensor (Straight Line Autofocus) to pre-scan the substrate during loading−dramatically reducing wafer overhead time. Together, these innovations enable scanner throughput ≥ 230 WPH. Bird’s Eye Control technology enables single machine overlay accuracy ≤ 2 nm for the S322F and ≤ 3 nm for the S220D, coupled with outstanding overlay stability. These scanners can be integrated with LithoBooster.

  • Nikon MEMS Steppers
    Nikon offers a suite of specialty MEMS steppers to address the lithography requirements of a multitude of markets including MEMS, LED, ABS, Power Devices, and packaging applications. Well over 160 MEMS Steppers are used around the world today....

  • Nikon leverages 100 years of opto-electronic and precision technology experience to deliver high productivity, cost-effective MEMS Steppers to satisfy the requirements of many diverse markets. These litho systems provide low numerical apertures to enable maximum depth of focus and are available with varied field sizes. They are compatible with a range of substrates/materials, thick films, and extremely warped surfaces. The majority of MEMS Steppers also support backside alignment.


    Well over 160 MEMS Steppers are in customer use around the world, and Nikon continues to expand the product portfolio for these markets. Newly developed MEMS Steppers enhance imaging with ghi/i-line capabilities, provide up to 44 x 44 mm field sizes, and support substrates up to 200 mm, as well as 200 mm x 250 mm rectangle panels, or the equivalent.


    Nikon MEMS Steppers also deliver optimal cost of ownership and enhanced overlay to offer customers a superior alternative for many non-IC lithography applications.

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