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Glass, fused silica and silicon for MEMS and semiconductors.

Plan Optik AG is the leading manufacturer of structured wafers when it comes to technology. In sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemistry and pharmaceuticals these wafers are essential components used as active elements for numerous applications in MEMS technology. The wafers of glass, glass-silicon compounds or quartz are available in sizes up to 300 mm diameter. Wafers by Plan Optik provide high-precision surfaces. Plan Optik wafers are available to minimum tolerances with application-specific structuring and complex material combinations.

Plan Optik AG's extensive experience in the integration of optical, electronic or chemical functions within a wafer as the basis of MEMS applications has made the company the preferred partner of large international manufacturers. Based on Plan Optik's expert knowledge the wafers are developed in collaboration with customers such as OSRAM, Infineon, Motorola, Samsung, Honeywell and Bosch.

 Press Releases

  • Elsoff. Plan Optik AG expands its range of products which are available off the shelf to feature new materials! Additionally Plan Optik releases a product catalogue including all stock products with detailed information and specification!

    In respond to the increasing number of customers in need for blank wafers with fast delivery time Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of wafers from glass, quartz and glass-silicon compound materials extends its range of stock products. After excellent feedback on blank stock wafers from borosilicate glass and semiconductor grade quartz, Plan Optik now offers further wafers with fixed specifications. To the existing number of over 50 different types of wafers available off the shelf, Plan Optik now adds 3 new materials for wafers to their stock products:

    NEW: UHP Fused Silica Wafers

    Ultra-High-Purity Fused Silica is the material of choice when it comes to high demands for transmission in UV range and chemical purity. The material features extremely low trace metal and OH content, enabling the use in high temperature processes. The outstanding performance has made this material to an indispensable material in manufacturing of leading edge semiconductors and optical applications and it thus perfectly adds to Plan Optik's portfolio of materials for stock products. After the introduction of this Fused Silica about two years ago there was a consistent request for wafers from this material. For this reason Plan Optik now offers wafers from this high purity fused silica in 100 mm as well as 150 mm and 200 mm diameters with different thicknesses.

    NEW: Silicon-On-Glass Wafers

    Wafers from permanently bonded silicon and cte adapted glass can be used in MEMS manufacturing for the fabrication of membranes. Furthermore SOG wafers can be used to replace Standard SOI wafers with higher insulation to create new technologies and products in semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing. As the market and number of applications for these wafers is growing Plan Optik adds Silicon-On-Glass wafers to their range of stock wafers. Both 150 mm and 200 mm SOG wafers with either thin glass on silicon base plate or thin silicon on glass base are available. This enables fast delivery of reasonably priced low and average quantity SOG wafers to be used as substrates for first tests and evaluation.

    NEW: Alkaline Free Glass Wafers

    Virtually alkaline free wafers can be used in CMOS fabrication. The coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) which is adapted to Silicon makes them suitable for use in combination with silicon wafers. Due to their extraordinary mechanical stability these wafers are also often used as Carrier wafers for ultra thin wafer handling in semiconductor and MEMS processing. Since the need for wafers from alkaline free glass is increasing as well as high volume orders from customers using these wafers as Carrier wafers, 150 mm and 200 mm diameter wafers from alkaline free glass are now featured as new stock products and available off the shelf. Due to Plan Optik's manufacturing capabilities all wafers can be manufactured according to customer specifications with customized diameter, thickness or adjusted specifications as lower mechanical tolerances or ttv. Additionally wafers can be patterned with cavities or through holes using one of Plan Optik's patterning technologies such as micro blasting, etching, mechanical or laser patterning.

    NEW: Product Catalogue

    By adding more than 10 wafers to their stock product list - now featuring over 80 products - Plan Optik publishes its first catalogue of stock products. This catalogue shows all stock products that are available off the shelf including wafers from different materials, thicknesses and diameters from 2" up to 300 mm.

    In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs a quality management system certified as per IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

    Download your free copy here!

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  • Plan Optik AG offers re-usable carriers for thin wafer handling which can be used for mechanical release of the device wafers.

    There is an ongoing wafer thickness reduction in the semiconductor industry since years. The market is demanding for smaller devices, cost reduction and increased number of functions. Therefore smaller package sizes need to be generated. Mainly consumer applications are driving this progression but the demand for smaller package sizes is also associated with technical advantages. This could be a better electrical performance and an improved thermal management. Thin wafers also enable 3D packaging of sensors such as CMOS image sensors and others.

    Producing thin wafers in high quantities puts high requirements on handling and processing tools.

    Due to their low thickness, semiconductor wafers are vulnerable to stress and breakage. Warping of the wafers during handling and processing causes a high yield loss or even makes it impossible to handle the wafers any more. This means, a Thin wafer handling technology with a high grade of flexibility on wafer and substrate sizes is needed.

    One of the most common techniques is the temporary bonding of the thick device wafers to a rigid carrier of high accuracy by using a polymer based adhesive. After handling and processing the device wafer in standard semiconductor process tools the release (de-bonding) is done by various techniques: These typically are chemicals which dissolve the adhesive, heat which decreases the viscosity of the adhesives or by laser which reduces the adhesive force.

    A pretty smart approach is mechanical release since it requires no costly tools and processes and the active areas of the devices wafers are not getting in contact with chemicals or heat. The wafers are bonded to a carrier in two different zones. The outer zone in the perimeter (edge zone) with a high adhesion and the inner zone (center of wafer) with low adhesion. This results in a low force needed for separation of wafer and carrier.

    Plan Optik is producing such carriers used for mechanical release in processes such as Zone Bond ©, Edge Zone Release © and Edge Zone Debond © by Brewer Science respectively EVG. Since a variety of glass materials with different coefficient of thermal expansion can be used as carrier wafers, there are cte adapted carriers for all standard semiconductor device wafer materials such as Si, GaAs, InP or even SiC. Additionally due to it’s tranparency for visible light it enables an easy and save monitoring of the temporary bonding process.

    Carriers for mechanical release are available at a ttv as low as 1µm (depending on diameter and thickness) and from many cte adapted materials. These carriers can be re-used up to 50 times.

    In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs a quality management system certified as per IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

    Please ask for a customized solution fitting to your process and product requirements here.

  • Plan Optik AG offers Carrier Wafers which enable handling of smaller diameter wafers and a variety of substrates with different dimensions.

    With increasing diameter of wafers processed in semiconductor industry not everyone can afford processing equipment or tools for different wafer diameter or even customized substrate dimensions.

    Plan Optik‘s Adapter Carriers feature pockets to hold smaller dimension substrates or wafers with smaller diameter and carry them through the process - giving you the ability to handle and process a variety of different wafer and substrate sizes - on your existing equipment.

    Adapter Carriers are either mono crystalline surface processed Silicon wafers with patterned pocket(s) or Silicon wafers permanently bonded to borosilicate glass rings that have been patterned according to the dimensions of substrate. The so formed pockets on the wafer with your standard outer diameter enables processing of smaller wafers and substrates as for example 150 mm wafers on 200 mm equipment or even multiple 2“ wafers on 100 mm tools.

    Due to the materials used, these carriers can be used in operating temperatures up to 500°C (~930°F) max. In addition holes or grooves can be added to be able to use Plan Optik Adapter Carriers with process types as for example vacuum mounting.

    In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs a quality management system certified as per IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

    Please ask for a customized solution fitting to your process and product requirements.

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    Process carriers for the manufacture of ultra-thin substrates of silicon, gallium arsenide and other special materials......

  • Plan Optik produces carrier wafers as a carrier substrate for the processing of thin semiconductor wafers. These carriers are used to permit the safe handling of delicate semiconductor wafers (e.g. those made of silicon and gallium arsenide). Semiconductor wafers are becoming ever thinner, and at the same time the requirements as regards their thickness tolerance and surface quality for back thinning, sawing and numerous other processes continue to rise. For this reason high-precision carrier wafers (carriers) are a fundamental requirement when it comes to processing. Plan Optik manufactures these carriers using a special glass which provides the perfect substrate material in this respect, because it demonstrates excellent thermal and chemical stability. An additional advantage is the possibility of re-using such carriers - thus making an important contribution not only to the reduction of costs but also to environmental protection.
    Cap wafers for wafer level packaging up to 300 mm available in various materials and combinations. Applications in consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors.silicon vias)......

  • Plan Optik manufactures packaging wafers from custom-made single items to large-scale series using glass, quartz and silicon and combinations of these three materials. The diameter is 50 - 300 mm with low thickness tolerances and low ttv values. In each case the structuring of the wafer is carried out on a customer-specific basis, for example with optical cavities, coatings and drillings.

    Packaging wafers by Plan Optik are used to pack and thus to seal hermetically optical or chemical sensors, pressure sensors and acceleration sensors. Typical industrial applications lie in the fields of consumer electronics (CMOS imaging, micro-mirrors), automotive technology (pressure sensors, e.g. tires, engine monitoring), aerospace (3D acceleration sensors), chemistry (micro-reaction technology), pharmaceuticals (lab-on-chip) and in the general manufacture of semiconductors.

    Quartz and fused silica materials • RF applications • Minimal surface roughness • Diameters 50 - 300 mm • Thickness from 200 µm......

  • Plan Optik manufactures quartz wafers (SiO2) both as single-item production and in large-scale series using both synthetic "fused silica" and "fused quartz" extracted from natural raw materials. In contrast to crystalline quartz, the substance used here is amorphous quartz glass. The diameter is between 50 - 200 mm with low thickness tolerances, high quality surfaces and low ttv values.

    Plan Optik's quartz wafers are defined as an alkaline-free and ultra-pure substrate, virtually unadulterated by foreign matter. They are therefore used in semiconductor technology and as a coating substrate. Typical industrial fields of application include the construction of RF modules as well as micro fluidics and medicine.

    Plan Optik's quartz wafers are resistant to high temperatures and virtually non-fluorescent.

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