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BKB Precision:high performance plastics machining up to 3μm.

BKB Precision: High Performance Plastics Machining

BKB Precision is a reliable partner in high performance plastics machining for more than 35 years. We process so-called high performance plastics or engineering plastics accurately to a precision of up to 3μm.

High-end plastic machining from start to finish 

Our versatility and years of experience with machining plastics make us a proper partner for constructing your concept up until the final product. Continuous upgrades to our machinery allow us to maintain the highest quality in professional CNC machining of plastics. Machining, shaping, assembling and/or cleaning plastics, we view the complexity of your design as a challenge!

State-of-the-art machinery

We boast state-of-the-art 24/7 machinery in our fully conditioned production hall. We have a wide range of CNC machines, ranging from three-axle milling to complex five-axle simultaneous milling or even 7-axle-milling and turning machines.


We are active in various industry sectors, such as hightech, semiconductor, medical, defence, food, aerospace, optical and chemicals.

 Press Releases

  • BKB Precision is well known for her accurate and innovative way of machining of high performance plastics and the production of critical and complex parts. BKB Precision is a valuable partner in the semicon supply chain. We are used to the stringent requirements of production for semicon applications.

    We outperform on surface smoothness of the parts and accuracy up to 3 µ, using a state of art machine park for milling and turning up to 7 axis. BKB does prototyping and series as well.  If needed, we are happy to take care of cleaning (class 7) and (cleanroom) assembly or sub-assembly.

    We enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage by sharing our knowledge, which leads to creative solutions with high performance plastics like e.g. PEEK, Vespel, POM and PEI.

    We have a world-wide presence and serve markets like for example Semicon, Healthcare, Defense, Machine Construction, Chemical, Oil and Gas and Aerospace. We established solide partnerships with our customers. These joint efforts make it possible to provide unique and innovative products.

    BKB Precision works with High Performance Plastics that comply with stringent requirements, like:

    • High thermo-mechanical strength
    • Minimal thermal expansion
    • Low particle generation in bearing and wear applications
    • Good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, greases and solvents, hydrogen peroxide, demineralised water, hot steam
    • Good plasma resistance
    • Minimal outgassing under vacuum
    • Minimal extraneous ion content
    • Good electrical insulating properties and defined static conductivity
    • And last but not least: the plastics should comply with strict cleanroom production standards.

    BKB Precision is experienced in machining parts for Semicon products/applications like:

    • Wafer cleaning equipment
    • Wafer etching equipment
    • Wafer carriers
    • Chemical tanks
    • Turntables
    • High Purity Piping systems
    • Microelectronics
    • Vacuum chucks
    • Tubes and fittings
    • Lined tanks
    • Circuit boards
    • Filtration and diffusion equipment
    • Static control applications
    • Etc.


  • State-of-the-art machinery
    We boast state-of-the-art machinery, whether or not with robot loading and we make the necessary investments to keep our machinery up to standard....

  • Five axis simultaneous milling machines

    At BKB Precision, we can five axis mill complex products. 5 axis machining is a form of plastic machining where the product is machined simultaneous on five sides in one setup. We have a number of CNC milling machines for 5 axis machining in our climate-controlled machine park, including robots. These make it possible to manufacture 24/7 for you

    • 2x Hermle C22U + Kuka Robot
    • 1x Hermle C30U + Erowa robot
    • 2x Hermle C40U + Kuka Robot
    • 1x Unisign Unipro 5

    Portal milling machines

    BKB Precision makes use of two portal milling machines, which are particularly suited for large size plastic sheets. These impressive CNC milling machines can work very accurately, with 0.02mm accuracy over a length of over 6,500mm. 

    • 1x Portatec, 6500 x 2500 x 300
    • 1x Wissner High Performance; 6250 x 2200 x 300

    Okuma lathing-milling combinations

    The Okuma lathing-milling combination can lathe plastic up to 3µm accuracy. Plastic components of the most exact precision can be lathed and milled on this machine.

    • 1x Okuma Multus B200
    • 1x Okuma Multus B200 II

    Three axis and four axis milling

    We have various machines which can be used for three and five axis CNC machining. The choice for three axis or four axis milling depends on the complexity of the plastic product that is to be created. Generally, we can say that simple machining is done with three axis or four axis milling. We take of care of 3 and 4 axis machining with the following machines:

    • 5x Mazak VTC 300C
    • 1x Unisign Univers 4000
    • 1x Supermax 102
  • Plastics Machining
    BKB Precision is your partner in CNC machining (CNC milling and CNC lathing) to a precision of up to 3 μm....

  • Professional machining of plastics

    Plastic machining in a prominent and innovative way is what we do at BKB Precision. BKB Precision is specialized in machining high-end plastics. We process high performance plastics accurately until the final product, for example through CNC machining (three and five-axis milling) or assembling. We make the almost impossible possible with machining plastics.

    High-end plastic machining from start to finish

    For over 35 years, BKB Precision has been an expert in the field of high-end plastic machining. Do you have a concept of plastic which must be realised with precision? We manufacture from prototypes up to medium sized series to meet your demands. Our versatility and years of experience with machining plastics make us a proper partner for constructing your concept up until the final product. The continuous upgrades to our equipment allow us to maintain the highest quality in professional machining of plastics.

    We work a lot with high-end technical plastics. Thanks to our expertise, we can machine your plastic the way you want it. We are also happy to provide you with a fitting advice in choosing the right plastic for your project.

  • CNC milling and turning
    Our CNC milling services are executed with advanced machines that can be used for three-axis milling or the complex five-axis simultaneous milling....

  • Milling plastic

    Milling plastic is a machining technique where material is removed to create the correct finishing of the desired product. Milling at BKB Precision is computer-controlled, hence the name CNC milling. Our CNC milling services are executed with advanced machines that can be used for three-axis milling or the complex five-axis simultaneous milling.

    Our clients come from the following industries among others: Semicon, Medical, Defence, Optical, Engineering and Aerospace. BKB Precision is specialised in CNC machiningCNC lathing and in providing CNC milling services especially.

    Portal milling machines for large sheets

    We also offer possibilities to machine large (plastic) sheets with our portal milling machines. Both of our portal milling machines fall under the ‘extra large’ category and they can machine incredibly accurate, as you may expect of BKB Precision.

    CNC plastic milling up to 0.02mm accuracy over a length of over 6,000mm is possible! Partly thanks to the separate climate-controlled room which houses the machine (within our completely climate-controlled production hall), we can guarantee you a constant quality in our CNC milling services.

  • Compositing, cleaning, packaging, testing...
    BKB Precision gladly realises composites (assy’s) or sub-composites for you. Compositing, packaging and testing products is an important part of our manufacturing process....

  • Compositing, cleaning, packaging, testing...

    BKB Precision strives to relieve you from your burdens and our added value in plastic assembly often benefits efficiency.

    Cleaning ISO class 7

    Cleaning parts and products is done with care; we work according to a strict protocol. In our cleanroom, plastic products are cleaned according to the Grade 4 norm. The room sizes 32m2 and has an ISO class 7 certification. If a higher clean grade is necessary, we can take care of this for you as well. We are happy to make any adjustments necessary to realize the desired form of plastic assembly.

    Cleanroom packaging

    In our cleanroom, plastic products are cleaned and packaged according to the class 7 norm. Specifications of the customer regarding the cleanroom packaging are taken into account as well. The cleanroom packaging of your components is daily work for us and is done for various companies. With years of experience in this regard, we are an excellent partner to help take care of it for you.

    Compositing plastic

    For compositing the various ‘assy’s’, we have the following possibilities available: mounting, gluing and/or welding. Because of these various possibilities, we are certainly able to assist you with your plastic assembly.

    Mounting plastic

    Mounting the components can also take place under cleanroom conditions if you so desire. All of the to be mounted components will be delivered clean, mounted in our cleanroom and packaged specifically for you.

    Gluing plastic

    Gluing plastic offers another wide range of possibilities. Gluing is possible in the following ways:

    • Ultra-violet gluing
    • Two-component gluelijmen
    • Solvents
    • Specifically prescribed glues
    • Etc.

    Welding plastic 

    Welding plastic is another process in plastic machining. This way of machining enables plastics to reconnect to each other. Various laser techniques exist. BKB Precision mostly makes use of hot gas welding (the welding of plastic with hot air). Any specific demands can be discussed by contacting us.

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