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Neihu Dist.,
Taipei,  114

  • Booth: B1720

Atecom Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor materials established at Taipei of Taiwan in 1998.

        We manufacture and cooperate with our partners for the various crystals on Semiconductor and Compound materials like Silicon ingots/wafers, Epitaxial wafers, Solar wafers, Sapphire, GaAs, SiC, GaN, InP and Ge wafer for applications to Optoelectronics, MEMS, LED, Power devices, Solar modules and IC’s.

        In the meantime, we keep expanding our product lines to the field of Sputtering Targets, Aluminium oxide, Germanium tetrachloride (GeCl4) materials in order to provide more services and choices to our customers. 


  • Silicon Wafer
    Silicon wafer is the most common material and widely used for a variety of high-tech industries, including integrated circuits , detector or sensor device , MEMS fabrication, opto-electronic components, and solar cells...

  • Growth method:CZ, CFZ, MCZ, FZ, NTD
    Type/Dopant:N/Arsenic/Sb/Phos/Red Phos, P/Boron
    Diameter:2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 12”
    Orientation : <100>, <111> , <110>
    Surface:As cut, Lapped, Etched, Polished.
    Other specs per customer requirement
    Silicon Carbide wafer is the foremost semiconductor material that can operate at higher temperature, power level, and voltage. SiC can apply to variety applications like Power electronic switches, LED technology and Hybrid Electric vehicles...

  • Diameter : 2”, 3”, 4” , 6”
    Orientation: (0001)
    Type : N/4H,SI/4H,SI/6H 
    Thickness:350~550 um, customizable
    MPD : <1 cm-2
    Surface : EPI-Ready Polish Wafer

  • GaN Substrate/Epitaxial wafer
    GaN material for LEDs, LDs and Power Electronic Devices...

  • 1.GaN Wafer- Free Standing or Template

    Diameter: 2”~ 4”
    Free Standing: N/Ge, N/Undoped, SI/Fe
    Temp: N/Si, N/Undopped, P/Mg

    350 um for Free-Standing,
    4~20um for Temp

    2.Epitaxial Wafer – GaN/Si, GaN/SiC, GaN/Sapphire

    Diameter: 2”~8”
    Orientation: C-axis(0001)
    Substrate Type: Silicon, Sapphire, SiC
    AlGaN/GaN Thickness: 2~50nm, Customizable

    Silicon: 700~800”(002);<1350~2000”(102)               
    SiC: <250”; Sapphire:<400”
    Sheet resistance:<400Ω/□, Customizable

    Electron mobility:
    SiC ≥2000; Sapphire ≥1500cm2/V·s

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