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SINGULUS offers vacuum deposition & wet processing systems

Innovations for New Technologies

SINGULUS TECHNOLGOIES builds innovative machines and systems for efficient and resource-friendly production processes. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ strategy is to take advantage of its existing core competencies and to expand these further.

The core competencies include vacuum coating, surface processing, wet-chemical and thermal production processes. The company offers machines, which are used worldwide in the solar, semiconductor, medical technology, consumer goods and optical disc sectors. For all of the machines, processes and applications SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES harnesses its automation and process technology expertise.


    The ROTARIS ultra-high vacuum system is a modular platform for fast, precise and fully automated thin-film sputter deposition....


    Universal Sputtering System

    The ROTARIS ultra-high vacuum system is a modular platform for fast, precise and fully automated thin-film sputter deposition. The ROTARIS is a bridge system for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer processing. Its main deposition chamber RSM (Rotating-Substrate-Module) can house up to 12 physical vapor deposition (PVD) cathodes with a target diameter of 100 mm.

    The ROTARIS design provides in particular a rotating substrate deposition technology with the additional capability to tilt the substrate. Additional features are “Co-sputtering” with up to four cathodes, DC-, pulsed DC-, RF-sputtering, wafer heating, and an in-situ aligning magnetic field. The installation of an ion source as alternative equipment allows for surface treatment and smoothing, ion milling and side wall cleaning.

    Four additional different process modules are available to configure a ROTARIS system according to customer needs to cover their challenging applications. These modules include industry proven modules like the Oxidation-Process-Module (OPM), Pre-Clean-Module (PCM), Combi-Process-Module (CPM) and Static-PVD-Module (sPVD-M).

    SINGULUS has established the TIMARIS PVD Cluster Tool platform offering a complete portfolio of process modules for different applications....


    PVD Production Platform for Semiconductor & Magnetic Storage


    Deposition of Ultra-thin Metallic and Insulating Films down to a Thickness of one Nanometer and below and Stacks of such Films with very Precise Material Thickness and High Uniformity Specifications

    SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a renowned manufacturer of advanced thin-film deposition equipment for MRAM, thin-film head, sensor and other semiconductor applications. It is the trusted partner in the respective industry and extends its leadership in the thin-film deposition technology for semiconductor applications.

    SINGULUS has already established and qualified the second generation of the TIMARIS PVD Cluster Tool platform in the market and is offering a complete portfolio of process modules for different applications.

    As of today, more than ten process modules are available to configure a TIMARIS system according to customer needs. These modules include the Multi-Target-Module (MTM), Oxidation-Process-Module (OPM), Pre-Clean- Module (PCM), Combi-Process-Module (CPM), Four-Target-Module (FTM) and Static-Deposition- Module (SDM) as well as the Rotating-Substrate- Module (RSM). The RSM is the core module of the ROTARIS platform, our sputtering system for special R&D applications.

    The TIMARIS PVD modules (MTM, FTM, SDM and RSM) incorporate the full scope of sputtering techniques as: DC magnetron sputtering, pulsed DC magnetron sputtering and RF magnetron sputtering as well as combinations of these modes are selectable by recipe.

  • Wet Processing Systems
    Wet Processing Systems for up to 300 mm Semiconductor Applications...

  • Wet Processing Systems for up to 300 mm Semiconductor Applications

    High-end products in semiconductors like WAFER, MEMS and MRAM. Product range started with manual wet stations for R&D, semi-automated systems and up to fully automated tools for the chemical surface treatment like cleaning, etching and drying.

    • Manual Wet Process Stations
    • Semi- and Fully Automated Wet Process Stations
    • Quartztube- and Part-Cleaning Stations
    • Total Metal Free Working Stations
    • Special Customer Specified Units
    • Chemical Supply Systems (pump or pressure systems)
    Small Inline Sputtering System for multiple Application...

  • VISTARIS Sputtering Systems

    The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES system with the brand name VISTARIS was developed for photovoltaic, glass and many other applications.The VISTARIS system was designed to enhance the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, while cutting production costs by using the state-of-the-art technologies. For photovoltaic technology, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops and manufactures coating systems which can apply special layers and layer systems on different substrates.

    Examples are transparent front or metallic back contact layers as well as multilayered precursors with a broad range of different materials. The main advantage of the system is that it can be used for vertical vacuum-based coating of glass substrates in the solar industry. In the market for thin-film photovoltaic SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES adds another production stage to its range of processing systems for the manufacture of CIGS/CIS and CdTe modules.

    Main Features

    • Integrated power supply design
    • No carrier return system necessary
    • Fully vertical substrate transport
    • Special designed carrier transport system
    • Load and Unload of substrate from the same side of the machine
    • Usage of rotatable cylindrical magnetrons for highest utilization of target material
    • Temperature processing before and during deposition available
    • Gas separation by dynamic slit valves and/or by individual lock chambers
    • Smallest machine footprint through turn chamber technology
    • Easy maintenance, low CoO
    • Fast target exchange, use any vendor target
    • Easy expansion possible
    • Vacuum base pressure: < 1 x 10-6 mbar
    • Typical process pressure: 2 - 5 x10-3 mbar

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