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United States
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VEM is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, thin film deposition materials used in the semiconductor, wireless, photonics, LED, data storage, aerospace & defense and life sciences markets.  Headquartered in Silicon Valley with 30+ years of experience, VEM serves over 350 customers globally and has a track record for providing outstanding service and support. 

From cutting edge R&D needs to large production requirements, VEM offers a full range of product and service solutions.  Our product portfolio, ranging from high-purity PVD sputtering targets to evaporation materials spans the periodic table and we have an experienced technical team developing innovative new products.  Our specialty materials include Au, Pt, Pd, Al, AlSiCu, AlCu, Cu, Ti, Ni, Ta, Nb, WSi, MoSi, NiPt, TiAl and WTi – in all shapes and sizes with purities to 99.9999%.  VEM also provides in-house target bonding, backing plates, crucible liners, as well as shield cleaning and precious metal reclamation services out of our Dallas, Texas facility.

VEM is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


  • High Purity Au & Pt Evaporation Materials
    Due to our substantial volume business, Vacuum Engineering & Materials is able to offer the most competitive pricing and availability for our proprietary, high-purity Au and Pt evaporation materials for compound semiconductors....

  • VEM leads the way with our Ultra-Pure Au Gold (UP AuTMevaporation materials - manufactured using high-purity, sourced materials.  Our proprietary process for manufacturing Gold (Au) evaporation materials minimizes spitting by reducing carbon and other contaminants resulting in improved yield and increased production uptime.  VEM Ultra-Pure Au elemental and composite evaporation materials are available in a variety of industry standard volumes and sizes.

    Vacuum Engineering & Materials supplies a variety of high quality elemental and composite evaporation materials in a full range of purities and dimensions to suit any customer needs. We provide precious metals (Gold Au, Iridium Ir, Palladium Pd, Platinum Pt, Rhodium Rh, Ruthenium Ru and Silver Ag) as well as non-precious thin film materials. All pellets are available in 0.250" x 0.250" or 0.125" or 0.125" and we also supply custom sizes tailored to your unique requirements. VEM can supply by the gram, kilogram, troy ounce, pound, pellet, granules, shot, slug, spool and starter source in any of our available purities. Let us know the material dimensions, composition, and purity, and we will deliver to your requirements. We stock frequently requested evaporation materials. 

  • NEW PVD Material Solutions
    VEM takes pride in our customer R&D programs developing new PVD material solutions. Working closely with customers, our Technical Experts develop unique compounds using VEM's powder metallurgy and vacuum melting technologies.......

  • VEM continues to innovate by having one of the largest, cutting-edge Vacuum Hot Presses in the industry, allowing customers to develop some of the most advanced powder metallurgy targets available in the market. VEM's extensive manufacturing capabilities include:
    • 250 ton, 2000°C Vacuum Hot Press for targets ranging from 50mm - 450mm.
    • Powder Lab with multiple blending tools including an Eirich Blender for quick homogenous material blends.
    • Induction Melting Equipment, Process Logic Controlled, to ensure repeatable process.
    • Casting, Forging and Rolling capability.
    • High-purity Indium Bonding, Ultrasonic Testing, ICP Analysis and Laser Inscribing.
    Some of the target materials available for hot press are Al2O3, AZO, BST, CrB2+SiC+other materials, CrSi-SiC, ITO, LiCo2O3, MoSi, NbTa, NiCrSi, NiFe + other materials, Ru, SiAl, SiCr, Ta, TaSi, TiAl, WTi, and WSi. 
  • Shield Cleaning and Reclamation Services
    VEM's Shield Cleaning & Reclamation facility provides chemical and physical cleaning, robotic TWAS and flame spray, clean room for inspection and packaging and capability to work with both precious and non-precious metals....

  • VEM's Shield Cleaning & Reclamation Facility provides precision parts cleaning and surface treatment of PVD shield kits, as well as other process kit types, for manufacturers in the semiconductor, photonics, LED, data storage, aerospace & defense and life sciences industries. In addition to automated robotic controlled Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS) and Plasma Spray capability, the facility includes equipment for ultrasonic cleaning, clean room drying, bake out, new cleaning processes, and a clean room certified to Class 100.
    The Twin Wire Arc Spray is a leading-edge technology that increases mean wafer between clean (MWBC) by applying enhanced, textured coating on critical chamber components. The textured coating provides increased surface area of the parts and allows more material to be deposited as well as better deposition adhesion for better particle control. The Plasma Spray system allows for the ability to coat chamber components with high purity ceramic films, such as Al2O3 and Y2O3 to extend part life and improve surface cleanliness of parts.

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