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High-precision sensors for inline quality control

FocalSpec’s unique Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology combines 3D topography, tomography and 2D grayscale intensity imaging into one sensor. With the addition of 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA, it is possible to use the same technology in smart manufacturing facilities as well as in R&D and metrology laboratories.

The combination of sub-micron accuracy and detection speed of millions of 3D points per second, makes LCI technology superior to other quality control methods on the market. FocalSpec’s sensors are suitable for all surface types including the following challenging materials:

  • reflective
  • transparent
  • multi-layered
  • opaque

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  • FocalSpec Line Confocal Sensors
    FocalSpec Line Confocal Sensors allow for a large range of non-contact optical measurements, e.g. 3D topography dimensions and distances, tomography of transparent materials, and surface micro profile measurements....

  • FocalSpec Line Confocal Sensors ensure continuous, non-contact measurement of even the most challenging materials and shapes including curved, mirror-like, and transparent surfaces. The sensors are specifically designed for various applications in the consumer electronics industry but can be utilized in various manufacturing contexts.

    System integrators can develop unforeseen applications owing to the FocalSpec sensors’ unique ability to capture 3D and 2D data simultaneously with speeds of up to 5 kHz and accuracy of even 0.1 μm. Sensors can be easily integrated into new machine vision systems or existing manufacturing lines.

    Line Confocal Imaging technology, or LCI for short, is a technology for measuring microscopic-scale dimensions and tomographic structures.

    Key figures of LCI Sensors

    • Simultaneous capturing of 2D and 3D data 2048 measurement points in one line
    • Measurement speed of up to 5 million data points per second
    • Distance between measurement points 2.1– 8.0 μm
    • Measurement repeatability 70 nm

    Benefits of using LCI Sensors

    • Instant detection of abnormal variations
    • Decreasing errors in each manufacturing step
    • Improved product quality
    • Continuous process optimization
    • Reduced claims, waste and rejects
  • 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA
    FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA is an automated optical 3D imaging and metrology system for submicron level accurate measurements on any material....

  • FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA is the only automated optical inspection system in the world that is capable of capturing three types of data in a single scan:

    • 3D topography and dimensions
    • Tomographic imaging of transparent objects
    • High-precision 2D imaging with an extended depth of field

    Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology used in UULA enables customers to model the most demanding surfaces and shapes, including mirror-like, curved, and transparent objects. The FocalSpec sensor installed in UULA detects millions of 3D points per second, and it can distinguish irregularities of less than one micron.

    • Maximum repeatable resolution in Z (height) 0.11 μm
    • Maximum Z range 5.5mm
    • Maximum measurement profile line length 16.4 mm

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