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Nanoscale Compositional Metrology for Semiconductors

CAMECA is a world leading supplier of metrology solutions for semiconductor manufacturing as well as high-performance microanalytical instrumentation for materials research.

Delivering micron to nanometer level material composition, our Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometers (SIMS) and Atom Probe Tomography (APT) instruments accelerate the development of new materials and devices and support high volume manufacturing of semiconductors. Whether measuring low-level dopant implants, nanoscale transistors, or memory devices, CAMECA has a solution tailored to address multiple needs in the early stage of innovation and as well as at manufacturing level.

Our portfolio of high productivity, high precision SIMS & APT instruments have been widely adopted by leading research institutes and major semiconductor manufacturers around the world.

Headquartered near Paris, France, and with locations in the US, Germany, India, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan CAMECA is business unit of the AMETEK.


    The first in-line, fully-automated Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer providing on-the-fly compositional measurements directly in the semiconductor fab lines....

  • The AKONIS platform fills a critical gap in the semiconductor fabrication process by providing a fast track­ing of compositional changes and con­formity directly in the fab line. Complementing the CAMECA IMS Wf / SC Ultra and the SIMS 4550 currently used to support the semiconductor industry via off-line characteri­zation labs, AKONIS is the only fully automated Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer that makes SiGe and SiP process monitoring possible in high volume manufacturing environments.

    The AKONIS offers:

    • Fast & precise high resolution depth profiling of epitaxial processes
    • Blanket & patterned wafer measurement in pad down to 35 μm
    • Intuitive recipe creation making SIMS data accessible to non-experts
    • A fully automated SEMI compliant platform with >95% uptime.

  • IMS Wf & SC Ultra
    Full wafer, extreme low impact energy SIMS with unequalled analytical performance for challenging applications: extra shallow & high energy implants, ultra-thin nitride oxides, HKMG, SiGe doped layers, Si:C:P structures, PV & LED, graphene......

  • Used in semiconductor development and manu­facturing support, opti­mized for ultra shallow depth profiling. These tools specialize in sample sputtering at EXtreme Low Impact Energy providing best depth reso­lution without compromising detection sensi­tivity.

    The IMS Wf can analyze full 300 mm wafers and can be equipped with Oxygen and Cesium high density ion columns. Thanks to its high level of automation and its high density ion column, it performs fast deep depth profiling with sub-nanometer depth resolution. Excellent measurement stability ensures unequaled SIMS tool productivity, enabling support of high volume manufacturing.

    The semi-automatic, small sample version, the SC Ultra, has manual sample loading. Compu­ter automation allows full control of all analy­tical parameters (analysis recipe, instrument set-up and more).

  • SIMS 4550
    Quadrupole SIMS with extended capabilities for ultra shallow depth profiling, trace element and composition measurements of thin layers in Si, high-k, SiGe and other compound materials such as III-V for optical devices....

  • Quadrupole SIMS with extended capabilities for ultra shallow depth profiling, trace element and composition measurements of thin layers in Si, high-k, SiGe and other compound materials such as III-V for optical devices.

    The SIMS 4550 quadrupole SIMS analyzer offers benchmark performance in semiconductor depth profiling, thin layer and insulator analysis. Its unique FLIGTM technology (oxygen and cesium Floating Low energy Ion Gun) ensures high depth resolution analyses.

    The SIMS 4550 offers:

    • Total flexibility in sputter conditions (primary ion angle of incidence, energy, species), low extraction field
    • Low energy electron flood gun, unique Optical Conductivity Enhancement for SiGe analysis
    • Sample holders accommodating a variety of samples: small pieces of a few mm, up to 100mm diameter sample size
    • Easy operation, benchmark automation and reproducibility for metrology.
  • IMS 7f-Auto
    The latest version of our successful IMS xf SIMS product line delivers high precision elemental and isotopic analyses with increased ease-of-use and productivity and fulfills industry requirements for efficient device development and process control....

  • Designed to deliver high precision elemental and isotopic analyses with high ease-of-use and pro­ductivity, the IMS 7f-Auto is optimized for challen­ging applications such as Si-based, III-V and II-VI devices, bulk materials, thin films, and more.

    It offers unparalleled depth profiling capabili­ties with high depth resolution and high dyna­mic range, as well as high-sensitivity secondary ion imaging (2D & 3D) with sub-μm lateral resolution.

    Excellent detection limits including for light elements. Analysis of multiple samples in chained, unattended mode thanks to its auto­mated sample loading system.

  • LEAP 5000
    3D Atom Probe Microscope with unmatched 3D sub-nanometer analytical performance...

  • The LEAP® 5000 is a high throughput, versatile Atom Probe addressing analytical challenges in materials and semiconductors. It collects nanoscale information from a microscale dataset in just a few hours and delivers unmatched compositional accuracy, precision and detection limits. Measurements can be automated and remotely controlled, thus meeting the high productivity challenges of the metals and nanoelectronics industries.

    Optional automation packages address the growing demand for fast and unattended analysis of large numbers of samples, facilitating sample alignment to scripted and chain acquisition or tool-to-tool matching. They significantly increase the instrument’s ease-of-use, improve measurement stability, provide tools to optimize data quality and yield, and greatly improve productivity. 

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