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Regensburg,  93055

  • Booth: B1464

ZS-Handling is the "Number One" in contactless ultrasound handling

Roughly summarized, ZS-Handling GmbH is a manufacturer for non-contact handling systems using ultrasonic levitation. Our unique ultrasonic technology makes it possible

  • to grip workpieces even on the top side - without touching them
  • to lift components and gently guide them along defined paths without contact
  • to avoid micro-scratches, particles, marks, and cracks

To be successful, we use our extensively patented ultrasonic bearing technology for the generation of handling forces on the workpiece. For this purpose, a compressed air film with repulsive forces is generated. Our products are mainly used where contact-sensitive workpieces are transported and are in the need of minimal measurable stress, even at high production speeds. For example, these are the following industries:

  • Glasses, flat screens, thin film technology
  • Semiconductors and photovoltaics
  • Foil and battery production
  • Printing and packaging technology

Our solutions are also suitable for all industries which

  • are in the need of clean room requirements or
  • have to be produced under sterile conditions.

Further information at zs-handling.com or at Booth B1.464.


  • UltraLevi-Chuck
    The UltraLevi-Chuck holds the substrate or wafer in position without surface contact. Very thin and unstable wafers can be smoothed out additionally by the supplementary use of vacuum....

  • The UltraLevi-Chuck causes the substrate to float on a film of air. Unlike other non-contact chucks, ultrasonic bearing technology does not require the use of compressed air which eliminates air turbulences and a possible resulting particle contamination. In addition, no damage or micro-scratches can occur on the substrate.

    Our technology is suitable for clean rooms as well as for environments with higher temperatures. To hold a wafer from above without contact, a combination of vacuum and ultrasound is used.

    The chuck enables inspection, alignment and centering of the substrate and can also be used for marking and reading operations. It is used for the handling of (coated) wafers or glass as well as other applications.

    Features of the UltraLevi-Chuck:

    • No surface contact
    • Neither damage nor contamination
    • No necessary use of compressed air
    • high flatness of the substrate
    • lower energy consumption
    • Clean room cpompatible

  • LeviWafer-Gripper
    With the LeviWafer-Gripper transport system it is possible, to lift and transport sensitive Wafers contactless. In combination with the transport, (un)loading of stacks and cassettes is also possible...

  • No scratches on the substrate during transport

    The gripper uses ultrasonic bearing technology to keep the wafer at a distance, thus enabling contactless transport. In addition to micro-scratches and -cracks, contamination by particles is avoided since without compressed air no air turbulence is created. Therefore, the gripper is especially suitable for ultra-clean clean rooms. The LeviWafer-Gripper can be designed with a single or double paddle.

    Features of the LeviWafer-Gripper:

    • High-precision pick and place
    • Contactless pickup
    • No micro-scratches, micro-cracks, or particles
    • Suitable for standard cassettes
    • Low energy consumption
    • Customizable according to customer specifications
  • LeviSolar-Gripper
    The LeviSolar-Gripper enables contactless gripping and depositing of solar wafers. Our technology guarantees the ultragentle and ultra-clean handling of the sensitive surfaces....

  • When gripping the wafer, a combination of vacuum and ultrasound is used. The vacuum provides the attraction of the wafer and the ultrasound keeps the workpiece, with its repelling effect, at distance. Thus, no points of contact occur between the wafer and the gripper, and gentle handling is ensured.

    The LeviSolar-Gripper is available for different wafer sizes. The edge stops support the wafer to center itself and to stay in position

    Features of the LeviSolar-GripperHigh-precision pick and place

    • Contactless overhead lifting
    • No carry-over of impurities and no micro scratches
    • No need for compressed air

  • UltraLeviDesk
    With the UltraLevi-Desk it is possible to transport and (un)load substrates without contact...

  • High flatness of the substrate

    Our patented technology makes the workpieces float on the surface of the ultrasonic table. The substrate is kept at a distance, which prevents micro-scratches and other damage. By avoiding compressed air and thus air turbulence, particle contamination can also be prevented. Furthermore, high flatness of the substrate is guaranteed, also for flexible materials. The UltraLevi-Desk can be combined with other systems and can be realized with or without additional drive.

    Features of the UltraLevi-Desk:

    • No damage or particles
    • High Flatness of the substrate
    • Extendable
    • Recesses for inspection systems or cutting units
    • Customizable according to customer specifications

    The UltraLevi-Desk is used for battery cells, glasses (GEN1-GEN10), foils, packaging, wafers and in medical technology.
  • MicroLevi-Gripper
    With the MicroLevi Gripper, sensitive materials can be picked and placed from above without any contact. It is used for handling small workpieces, such as small foils and glasses, dies, chips, and other small parts...

  • Through a combination of vacuum and ultrasound, attractive and repulsive forces act simultaneously on the workpiece and keep it at a distance, even when gripping from above. As a result, no contamination or micro-scratches can occur on the small part.

    The MicroLevi gripper can be combined with tips of different sizes. Due to the small dimensions, the self-centering of the workpieces is guaranteed, so that no supporting side stops are required, and high-precision positioning is possible. The gripper can be moved sideways and swiveled.

    Features of the MicroLevi Gripper:

    • Contactless topside grippingImage
    • Self-centering of the workpiece
    • High-precision pick and place
    • No micro-scratches or other damages
    • No particles because no air turbulence
    • Low energy consumption


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