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INFICON provides world-class instruments for gas analysis, measurement and control. INFICON is a leading developer manufacturer and supplier of vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and process control software with an emphasis on process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related industries. These analysis measurement and control products are vital to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end -users in the complex manufacturing of semiconductors.


  • UL6000 Fab - Mobiles Vakuum Dichheitsprüfgerät
    Setzen Sie deshalb auf unsere neueste Lösung in der Dichtheitsprüfung: Der UL6000 Fab von INFICON ist nicht nur das präziseste, robusteste und somit zuverlässigste Prüfsystem am Markt, er spart Ihnen auch Zeit in allen Phasen des Prüfablaufs....

  • Setzen Sie deshalb auf unsere neueste Lösung in der Dichtheitsprüfung: Der UL6000 Fab von INFICON ist nicht nur das präziseste, robusteste und somit zuverlässigste Prüfsystem am Markt, er spart Ihnen auch Zeit in allen Phasen des Prüfablaufs. Gepaart mit dem intuitiven Handling findet Ihre Boxencrew so selbst kleinste Leckagen in Bestzeit.


    Gleich zwei innovative Pumpen sorgen für extraschnelle Abläufe: Die Boosterpumpe stellt mit mehr als 36 L/s das größte Helium-Saugvermögen auf dem Markt bereit und ermöglicht so kürzeste Ansprechzeiten insbesondere bei großen Volumina.

    Einen weiteren Rekord bricht die Rootspumpe: Sie übertrifft bei vergleichbaren maximalen Luft-Saugvermögen von 36 m³/h andere Modelle, insbesondere im Grobvakuumbereich. Hier macht die Leistung für schnellstes Abpumpen den entscheidenden Unterschied. Und mit einer kleinsten nachweisbaren Leckrate von 5∙10-12 mbar∙L/s geht der UL6000 Fab auch in punkto Genauigkeit klar in Führung!

  • FPS Metrology Sampling Optimizer (MSO)
    Intelligently allocate metrology capacity to optimize coverage and improve product quality....

  • The FPS Metrology Sampling Optimizer (MSO) manages all your sampling needs to ensure maximum equipment coverage with no oversampling. MSO provides baseline sampling using time and percentage-based sampling rules. MSO also provides critical event-based sampling to identify substrates for measurement after a tool down or qualification event. For all sampling rules, MSO actively minimizes the number of measurements needed to satisfy all configured rules.


    • Intelligently allocate and optimize metrology capacity where it is needed most
    • Factory directed rules for managing coverage
    • Automatic metrology queue management
    • Real-time visual representation of coverage and risk
    • Enables reduction of metrology capital investments
    • Uses real-time measurements to adapt metrology sampling plans to maximize yields
  • FabGuard Facilities Monitoring
    Bring the Power of Real Time Control to Factory Support Equipment...

  • Comprehensive Connectivity
    FabGuard is a Smart Digital Twin that enables engineers to collect data from sensors, gauges, facilities, and other devices and view them in real time. Such allows organizations to develop the most comprehensive view of process tools in the industry from top to bottom.

    • Pumps: Drive Current, Temperatures, Pressures,Purge Flows, Vibrational
    • Abatement: Gas Consumption, Operational Values, Alarms
    • Exhaust: Differential Pressure, Temperature, Byproduct Deposition
    • Heaters: Heater Current/Voltage, Temperature
    • Chillers: Flow Rates, Temperature

    Connectivity extends beyond data collection. All data collected and analysis results can be exported and streamed to other factory systems. This includes 3rd party
    fault detection and process control systems.

  • FabRecover™
    Dynamic, real-time maintenance decision support that maximizes tool availability and minimizes support costs....

  • SMART Integration Maintenance Management

    FabRecover deploys modeled Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and OCAP procedures to factory users in real time. FabRecover also provides visibility into maintenance activities to support Best Known Method (BKM) development and continuous improvement.

    In a typical factory, maintenance and tool recovery efforts are subject to costly variability due to individuals performing actions differently. Some individuals may follow work instructions more or less rigorously than others do. Also, decisions may be made with incomplete information, or may lead individuals to alternate conclusions or actions. In general, tribal knowledge and experience has a large effect on the performance of each team member. Any deviation from BKMs introduces rework and delays, both of which reduce tool availability and increase cost.

    FabRecover is the INFICON solution aimed at minimizing these challenges and also supporting cycles of improvement to continuously drive BKMs across each organization. FabRecover provides dynamic, real-time maintenance decision support, as well as visibility to maintenance history, to maximize tool availability and minimize support costs.

    FabRecover is a knowledge-based, decision support software platform specifically designed for:

    • Preventative Maintenance: step-by-step, dynamic guidance and needed support for BKM work
    • Corrective Maintenance: root cause analysis and identification based on historical data trends
    • OCAP: modeled linkage between control system events, troubleshooting, and remediation


    • Reduce training costs by supporting each user to follow BKM methods
    • Improve First Time Right success by reducing maintenance variability
    • Provide needed visibility with full record of decisions reached and actions taken
    • Facilitate data-driven continuous improvement with KPI tracking and other analytical capabilities
    • Reduce development and training costs with a “no code” visual modeling platform
    • Faster task resolution with push-button automation and integration with other factory systems
    • Empower experts to define flexible business process workflows
    MAKING EXCELLENCE REPEATABLE Protect and Grow Your Profit with Precision Rate and Thickness Monitoring....

  • IMM-200 is a deposition monitor built with ModeLock technology to maximize reproducibility and uniformity with the highest thickness accuracy, best measurement resolution, and lowest rate noise.

    With the oscillator built-in, IMM-200 can be easily integrated into an Ethernet system with minimal hardware and footprint. This powerful and precise measurement monitor is sure to bring a new level of performance to your process.


    The proven INFICON ModeLock measurement system provides crystal-frequency information with precision not possible from conventional “active oscillator” systems. It eliminates “mode-hopping,” a failure to maintain crystal oscillation at the fundamental frequency. ModeLock continuously tests the monitor crystal for resonance at the fundamental frequency, thereby eliminating weaknesses inherent in the conventional measurement method. Conventional measurement methods incorporate the quartz monitoring crystal as an active element of the oscillator circuit. Consequently, the crystal controls the oscillator circuit. So, as the electrical characteristics of the crystal change during deposition, the oscillator circuit becomes less stable and may “hop” to another resonant frequency or fail completely, resulting in an inaccurate film thickness. More powerful and precise—yet faster— than the conventional method, ModeLock continually tests and analyzes the phase frequency relationship of the crystal. The crystal is not an active part of the oscillator circuit.


    • INFICON ModeLock technology provides the longest crystal life and ensures the most stable, highest resolution rate and thickness measurement available, even at very low rates
    • Maximize yield with the best QCM thickness measurement possible
    • Single channel rate and thickness monitor without unnecessary added features to minimize cost
    • ±0.0035 Hz over 100 ms sample
    • Ethernet communications for seamless integration
    • Compact size to minimize integration costs by saving tool real estate n Expert application support, able to discuss unique application needs and give greater support than the competition
    • RoHS compliant
  • Transpector APX
    Advanced Process Monitor for ALD, CVD and Etch Processes...

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