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Welcome to visit the homebase of ALD!

Picosun is the technology forerunner and leading provider of ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating solutions for semiconductor and other industries.

PICOSUN® product portfolio ranges from fully automated, SEMI compatible 300 mm industrial ALD systems to smaller scale research and pre-pilot tools, with special dedication in cost-efficient, turn-key production solutions for up to 200 mm wafer markets.

Picosun offers you the best-in-class thin film technology for conventional IC, compound and power semiconductors, LEDs, MEMS, sensors, and 3D components such as medical devices and PCB assemblies, with the leading process quality, agile and innovative equipment design, and the most comprehensive after-sales support and services.

 Press Releases

  • Picosun Group has taken into use new facilities at its production laboratory in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The Picosun Innovation Lab will be used for the company’s own research and development projects, for demo purposes and most importantly for serving the company’s global semiconductor customers operating in the 300 mm market.

    The Innovation Lab hosts Picosun’s new generation tools PICOSUN® Morpher and PICOSUN® Sprinter. Morpher was launched in 2019 and it started a completely new era in Picosun products. Its adaptive and versatile nature makes it an ideal ALD solution for to the changing needs of different business verticals in the up to 200 mm wafer industries. Sprinter was launched late 2020 for the 300 mm wafer markets to meet the ever-increasing demands of semiconductor, display and IoT component manufacturing lines. It has brought single wafer film quality and uniformity for fast batch processing and met the challenges in high volume ALD manufacturing.

    The Innovation Lab increases the laboratory capacity Picosun currently has on its premises significantly. The new facilities will have the ability to host tens of ALD tool modules. The facilities also support a variety of process gases including for example N2, O2, O3, Ar, H2, NH3 and NF3. Furthermore, special attention has also been paid for the best-in-class building management and safety systems.

    “The opening of the new Innovation Lab reflects our role in being the pioneer in ALD and continuing the daily work in setting the standards for future innovations in the ALD sphere. The Innovation Lab has been a big investment for the company, but we see this as an essential investment to our and our customers’ future”, says Jussi Rautee, CEO of Picosun Group.

    Watch the video on Picosun Innovation Lab

  • Picosun Group strengthens its position in the 300 mm semiconductor market with its new generation ALD tool PICOSUN® Sprinter.

    PICOSUN® Sprinter was first launched in December 2020 as a stand-alone module. Now also customer deliveries and installations of PICOSUN® Sprinter clusters have started.

    “A Sprinter cluster consist of two Sprinter modules and a central vacuum wafer-handling robot utilizing 5-wafer handling. The set-up enables a throughput of more than 100 wafers an hour with 10 nm aluminium oxide target film thickness”, explains Juhana Kostamo, VP, Industrial Business Area of Picosun Group.

    “The throughput capability combined with the unique design of the tool’s reaction chamber, the record-breaking batch film quality and the fact that the tool can be fully integrated with the customers’ production line, makes PICOSUN® Sprinter the tool of choice for semiconductor, display and IoT component industries who need a future-proof tool with single wafer film quality and uniformity in fast batch processing”, Kostamo concludes.

    Read more about PICOSUN® Sprinter and watch the video


  • PICOSUN® Sprinter
    PICOSUN® Sprinter - Single wafer film quality for fast batch processing...

  • The PICOSUN® Sprinter ALD system is designed to disrupt batch ALD production in 300 mm manufacturing lines in the semiconductor (e.g. emerging memory, transistor, capacitor), display, and IoT component industries.

    The core of the PICOSUN® Sprinter is its disruptively designed reaction chamber, where fully laminar precursor flows ensure perfect ALD deposition with no parasitic CVD growth. This minimizes the need for system maintenance.

    Compared to vertical furnace reactors typically used for batch ALD processing, Sprinter provides higher film quality with lower thermal budget, so it is suitable also for temperature-sensitive devices.

    Sprinter combines very fast process times with smaller batch sizes than in vertical furnaces, which allows greater production flexibility and minimized risk without sacrificing throughput.

    The tool has also demonstrated record-breaking batch film quality.

    The standard Sprinter cluster configuration consists of two ALD modules, a central wafer-handling robot with pre-heating and cooling chambers, and an EFEM station to load/unload wafers from/to the FOUPs. Sprinter can also be purchased as a standalone module ready to be integrated into an existing manufacturing line or cluster.

    PICOSUN® Sprinter is made in Finland with European vacuum robotics and process modules.

    The product development work for PICOSUN® Sprinter has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme R3-PowerUP under grant agreement No. ECSEL 737417.

  • PICOSUN® Morpher
    PICOSUN® Morpher - Adaptability and versatility to the changing needs of different business verticals...

  • The PICOSUN® Morpher ALD product platform is designed to disrupt the up to 200 mm wafer industries in Beyond and More than Moore technologies. It enables fast, fully automatic, high throughput production of MEMS, sensors, LEDs, lasers, power electronics, optics, and 5G components with the leading process quality, reliability, and operational agility. 

    Morpher adapts to the changing needs of your industry and the requirements of your customers, on all business verticals from corporate R&D to production and foundry manufacturing. The leading versatility in substrate materials, substrate and batch size, and the wide process range make Morpher truly a transformable, all-inclusive manufacturing facility to keep you spearheading your industry.

    The PICOSUN® Morpher is designed for fully automated handling of wafer batches in combination of industry standard single wafer vacuum cluster platforms. Revolutionary, patented wafer batch flipping mechanism enables integration of the system with semiconductor manufacturing lines where most of the processing takes place in horizontal geometry, and the SEMI S2/S8 certification ensures that the system is compatible with the strictest standards of the industry.

    The PICOSUN® Morpher ALD system can be integrated to factory automation via SECS/GEM protocol and the state-of-the-art software offers easy, safe and fail-proof operation of the system through intuitive and streamlined graphical user interface. With our patented dual-chamber, hot-wall reactor design with fully separated precursor conduits and inlets, we create the highest quality ALD films with excellent yield, low particle levels, and superior electrical and optical performance. The compact, ergonomic design with easy and fast maintenance ensures minimum system downtime and lowest cost-of-ownership in the market.

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