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Providing World Leading Manufacturing Solutions

4JMSolutions (Malta) Ltd. was founded, in 2008, on a solid base of international servicing and more than 25 years of high end industrial experience. Based on the solid principal of providing solutions where the equipment offered is a biproduct of the solution. 

4JMSolutions prides its self in delivering excellent service support, offering to its current clients a holistic approach to all their needs. The company seeks to provide comprehensive professional service based mainly in the Semiconductor industry and those related to it. Ranging from Front-end to Back-end equipment we are currently a leader for the industry. 

Seeing that the majority of its clients are based in Europe 4JMSolutions has set-up a logistic service, to further provide better service to its patrons. Having consignment stock stored in our facilities we provide stock taking and door delivery when needed. Offices used to be ever closer to our customers have been established in recent years having the HQ in Malta to service Southern Europe, Morocco office for Service in North Africa and West Europe, Hungary office for East Europe and a German Office will be opened in Q4 2022 to service Northern Europe

 Press Releases

  • Founded in 2008, local company 4JMSolutions will be representing Malta in the wold-renowned semiconductor symposium, SEMICON. 
    This event follows the company’s most recent milestone, where after a selective process, it was accepted as the first Maltese member of SEMI. With just over 2500 members, SEMI is the global association of electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, making sure our everyday tech is always a step ahead. 

    With Munich taking place as host for this November’s symposium, 4JMSolutions will be exhibiting the result of our local expertise, as well as increase outreach towards larger enterprises enterprises to further improve both quality and efficiency to customers both local and overseas.

    James Michael Muscat 
    PR Manager



  • Test Handler
    The largest selection of Test solutions. All sourced from leading ATE Manufactures at the Top of their respective field....

  • 4JMSolutions provides, by far, the largest selection of Test solutions. All sourced from leading ATE Manufactures at the Top of their respective field. Multiple selections to choose from for Wafer, Die and Package. Pick and Place handlers, Turret Handlers and Hybrids used for Stimulus Handlers, Optical and Photonics, High Power, Discrete Components, MEMS, Sensors, LED, Memory, Automotive and much more.

    Our experienced staff will surely be able to provide a turkey solution for your needs and requirements. Follow the link below for more info and product selection.


    • UPH up to 20,000
    • 32-site simultaneous test capability.
    • Smart Motion Control robot control technology enables fast movement with low vibration when transferring semiconductors.


  • AOI
    4JMSolutions is a leading provider of AOI systems, starting from Wafer inspection to Post-Seal TnR Inspection, providing everything in between to ensure high quality production within customer specification and ensuring complete satisfaction....

  • Having extensive experience and knowledge we will build equipment to suit your needs. Through our knowledge we will help to understand and propose Lighting and Cameras to capture even the slightest defect while ensuring minimal over and under rejection.

    Our AOI systems vary in which type of Hander being used according to customer requirements as we are able to provide Linear PnP, Turret, Hybrid and Also Gravity Feed systems for AOI inspection.


  • Wafer Level Burn in
    Trooper-BI Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED/Micro LED Burn-in Test System...

  • It is a full turnkey solution to probe & bum-in VCSEL LED substrate in wafer level. The tester is capable of testing up to 7 200 DUTS at one go with a controlled temperature up to 135C t comes with intelligent features such as built in water cooling system leakage detection system and temperature monitoring System. 

    • Up to 7 200 units
    • Pogo Pin accuracy +/-50 um
    • Burn-In duration is programable
    • Source range 20mA-100mA/0.2A-1.5A 24V
    • Measurement Tolerance 0.2mA +-1%
    • Temperature 45-130C with 0.1C steps
    • Humidity< 85% RH, Non condensing


  • Flip Chip Bonding
    4JMSolutions provides the latest in one of the most recent technologies of Flip Chip bonding though is world renowned suppliers providing solutions for this space with high accuracy, fast timings and inspection....

  • Flip Chip Placer • Eagle A3000

    • Automated Flip-Chip Pick & Placer
    • Auto Pick up position alignment
    • Pick & Place the Good Chip from Wafer to Substrate Wafer
    • Optimized for Fan-out WLP process
    • Maximum Wafer Size : 12 Inch Wafer
    • Multi Spindle Head
    • UPH : 10,000 EA
    • Accuracy : [X/Y] ±5.0㎛, [Theta] ±0.05° (Global alignment)
    • Main Power : VAC 220, 3 Phase / 50~60 Hz
    • Air Pressure : 5~6 kgf/cm2 / 250 LPM
    • M/C Dimension : 2,320(L) x 2,140(W) x 1,570(H) (mm)
    • Weight : About 2,950 kg


  • Consumables
    If you are experiencing difficulty in supply and cost of any consumable part, why not try us to source it for you?...

  • Test Probes

    4JMSolutions carry a wide range of test probes (both cantilever & blade) commonly use in the die-sort and wafer mapping process. Our specially designed equipment and proprietary processes enable us to produce ultra fine probes with tight tolerance specification to ensure effective and long lasting applications. Tips radius down to six(6) microns can be maintained.

    -Tungsten Rhenium (WR)
    -Tungsten (W)
    -Beryllium Copper (BeCu)
    -Paliney 7 (P7)

    -0.20mm (8mils)
    -0.25mm (10mils)
    -0.50mm (20mils)


    ESD Multiple Bellows Suction Cup Series

    Bellow Vacuum Pad series particularry design for handling uneven and arched work pieces.
    Triple Bellows Suction Cup
    FFKM SILICONE / Class 1 / Class ZERO ESD
    Hardness Range:          30-90 JIS A
    Temperature Range:    -55 to +200°C
    Resistivity:                     10p5-10p9


  • FlexyTEST
    FlexyTEST is a unique and innovative system for testing, diagnosing and debugging load boards, avoiding the reliance on automated test equipment (ATE)....

  • In the semiconductor EWS and FT production plants the effective and efficient maintenance of load boards and interface Boards is a key point to minimize the Cost of Test.
    FlexyTESTrepresents an easy and versatile system to maximize the UTILIZATION of the load board and extend their operating life without affecting the ATE productivity.

    • Unstoppedchips production.
    • Full exploitation of ATE in the chips test.
    • DifferentATE fixtureavailability
    • Application kits for FT EWS load boards.

    FlexyTESTsystem represents an “easy to use” solution to perform preventive and corrective maintenance on load boards:
    • protecting the investments on load boards.
    • maximizing ATE productivity inside the production plants.
    • avoiding any overheads due to load boards issues.
    • load board certification in acceptance test.


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