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Park Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of nanometrology tools for surface analysis at nanoscale, ranging from atomic force microscopy to imaging ellipsometry.

The industrial automated AFM product line from Park Systems offers the leading nano metrology solutions for 3D surface characterization, failure analysis and large sample research. In utilizing the True Non-Contact Mode™, Park AFMs enable non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surfaces with high aspect ratio tips. Proven SmartScanTM operation software and Single Click-AFM automation eliminates any need for sample adjustment and makes the scanning process as efficient and user-friendly as possible. AFM tools from Park Systems are trusted to deliver ultra-high resolution, unparalleled reproducibility, and extremely precise measurements quickly and easily.


Park Systems Europe GmbH

Schildkroetstrasse 15, 68199 Mannheim, Germany

+49 621 490-896-50 pse.sales@parksystems.com



  • Park NX-Wafer
    NX-Wafer is the only wafer fab AFM with automatic defect review. It provides a fully automated AFM solution for defect imaging and analysis that improves defect review productivity by up to 1,000%...

  • Key Features:

    • Low noise Atomic Force Profiler for accurate, high throughput CMP profile measurements
    • Sub-Angstrom surface roughness measured with extreme accuracy and minimized tip-to-tip variation
    • Smart ADR Software

    With Park's Smart ADR NX-Wafer provides fully automated defect review and identification, enabling a critical inline process to classify defect types and source their origin through high resolution 3D imaging.
    Designed specifically for the semiconductor industry, Smart ADR is the most advanced defect review solution available, featuring automatic target positioning without the need for labor intensive reference marks that often damage the sample. The Smart ADR process improves productivity by up to 1,000% compared to traditional defect review methods. Additionally, the new ADR capability offers up to 20x longer tip life thanks to Park's groundbreaking True Non-Contact™ Mode AFM technology.

    Read more: https://www.parksystems.com/index.php/products/industrial-afm/park-wafer/overview

  • Accurion EP4
    Accurion’s Imaging Ellipsometers combine the benefits of ellipsometry and optical microscopy, and create a unique metrology tool that redefines the limits of both ellipsometric measurements and polarization-contrast microscopy....

  • Key Features:

    • Modular setup: Easy upgrades between different configurations from BAM, single wave-, multiwave- to full spectroscopic ellipsometer
    • Highest lateral ellipsometric resolution of 1 µm, allowing to determine thickness and refractive index on microstructures as small as 1 µm
    • First identify, then measure: Intuitive selection of measurement region by drawing region in live view
    • Quality Control: Also available as OEM version for QC in product lines

    Imaging Ellipsometry is an all-optical, non-contact metrology technique that excels at the layer-thickness and material characterization of micro-structured thin-film samples and substrates. The technique combines microscope imaging with the measurement principles of spectroscopic ellipsometry. It reaches a spatial resolution of about 1 µm, easily beating the limits of other optical metrology tools such as regular ellipsometers or reflectometers. The measurement is based on the sample’s interaction with polarized light. By means of computational modeling, the measured polarization properties translate into maps of the physical sample properties like layer thickness, refractive index and absorption, roughness or anisotropy.


    Read more: https://accurion.parksystems.com/thin-film-characterization/products/nanofilm-ep4

  • Park NX-Mask
    An innovative new generation photomask repair equipment that incorporates advanced atomic force microscopy technology. It provides an all-in-one solution, accelerating the throughput at unprecedented repair efficacy....

  • Key Features

    • No risk of damage and seamless repair of any type of defects
    • Compatible with a dual pod for handling EUV masks
    • All-in-one solution for locating defects and post-repair verification

    Park NX-Mask is the new generation photomask repair system that addresses the latest challenges of shrinking device geometries and increasing photomask complexities. It is an innovative tool for the repair of high-end EUV Mask incorporating advanced atomic force microscopy technology. It provides all in one solution from auto defect review to repair of defects to verification of the repair, accelerating the throughput at unprecedented repair efficacy.

    Read more: https://www.parksystems.com/products/industrial/photomask-repair/park-nx-mask

  • Park NX-TSH
    The automated Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) system for ultra large and heavy flat panel displays at nanoscale....

  • Key Features:

    • Tip Scanning Head in X, Y and Z directions, up to 100 µm x 100 μm (x-y direction) and 15 μm Z-direction
    • Flexible chuck to accommodate large and heavy samples over 300mm and 1KG
    • Long Range Air-bearing XY stage for AFM analysis of industrial samples larger than 300 mm
    • 100 µm x 100 µm Flexure-Guided XY Scanner with Closed-loop Dual Servo System
    • 15 µm High Speed Z Scanner with Low Noise Position Sensor
    • Automatic Measurement Control and automated system features such as live monitoring of the measurement process, automatic analysis of acquired measurement data, and more!

    As the demand for Atomic Force Metrology for larger flat panel displays increases, Park NX-Tip Scan Head overcomes nanometrology challenges for samples over 300mm. The Tip Scanning Head (TSH) and gantry style air-bearing stage allows Park NX-TSH to accurately image roughness measurement, step height measurement, and critical dimension measurement.

    Read more: https://www.parksystems.com/products/industrial/park-nx-tsh

  • Park NX-3DM
    Park Systems has introduced the revolutionary Park 3DM Series, the completely automated AFM system designed for overhang profiles, high-resolution sidewall imaging, and critical angle measurements....

  • Key Features:

    • True Non-contact™ mode allow for the collection of high resolution and accurate data without tip-sample damage
    • Patented decoupled XY and Z scanning systems work together with the tilted Z-scanner, letting users overcome normal challenges in accurate sidewall analysis associated with normal and flare tip methods
    • No sample preparation is required to obtain the sidewall roughness or critical dimension measurements in this process

    With the patented decoupled XY and Z scanning system with tilted Z-scanner, it overcomes the challenges of the normal and flare tip methods in accurate sidewall analysis. In utilizing our True Non-Contact Mode™, the Park 3DM Series enables non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surfaces with high aspect ratio tips.


    Read more: https://www.parksystems.com/products/industrial/park-3dm

  • Park NX-Hybrid WLI
    The fully automated industrial AFM-WLI system for 200mm to 300mm wafers is the fastest, most accurate, and most versatile semiconductor metrology tool in the industry....

  • Key Features:

    • White light interferometry technology - an optical technique that can image a very wide area, very fast, producing high throughput measurements.
    • PSI modes (PSI mode is supported with Motorized Filter Changer)
    • Available objectives lens magnification: 2.5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
    • Two objective lenses can be automatically replaced by Motorized Linear Lens Changer

    Park NX-Hybrid WLI is the first-ever AFM with built-in WLI profilometry for semiconductor and related manufacturing quality assurance, process control for semiconductor front-end, back-end up to advanced packaging, and R&D metrology. It is for those that require high throughput measurements over a large area that can zoom down to nanometer-scale regions with sub-nano resolution and ultra-high accuracy.


    Read more: https://www.parksystems.com/products/industrial/park-nx-hybrid-wli

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