Amcoss GmbH

Leusbundtweg 49a
Feldkirch,  6800

  • Booth: B1740

Wafer processing equipment, chillers, engineering/repair

amcoss GmbH is a high-tech company. We design and build modular fully-automated & semi-automated single wafer spin processing equipment for coating, developing, lift-off, etching, cleaning, and tempering of wafers and substrates. Our machines, as well as our ams PILOT process control software, are configured  for complex, specialized applications and are absolutely customized for either flexible applications or high throughput.

We also offer a range of plug-and-play heat exchangers and chillers which replace different OEM temperature control units from Neslab, AMAT, LAM and other OEM equipment. In the expert field of optics & mechatronics amcoss designs, manufactures and repairs hiqh-quality optics & components for photolithography, RTP, CVD, EPI, coating, metrology and plasma.

More than 80% of all manufacturers of microchips and semiconductors worlwide, as well as well-known research and development organisations are amongst our customers. According to a rating of Dun & Bradstreet, amcoss is amongst the best 4% of all companies in Austria in matters of its financial rations (e.g. credit rating). Our business operations are highly efficient and productive.

In 2023 amcoss joined the Lab14 group of companies.


  • amc automatic single-wafer processing equipment
    Smart, custom-made equipment and solutions for competitive fully automatic processing of wafer and masks - coating, developing, lift-off, cleaning, etching, including ams PILOT process control software....

  • With its amc series amcoss offers fully automatic single-wafer processing equipment for coating, developing, lift-off, etching, cleaning, heating/cooling and lift-off of wafers and other substrates. Every customer individually sets up their equipment according to their requirements as far as throughput and desired processing options are concerned.

    All amc models are adaptable platforms, so that individual configurations and process solutions are standard with amcoss. The footprints, however, are very compact and room saving. With, e.g. amc 1000 you will find 3 processes, 1 wafer-handling-station and up to 4 I/O stations on about 1,4 m² and you may flexibly process wafer sizes between 2“ and 8“.

    Every amcoss amc tool may be optimized either for flexible single processes or high throughput. Choosing the appropriate production equipment resulting in increased efficiency in various respects is a highly influential aspect of sustainability for a company and their products.

    Process, cost, and machine efficiency

    Almost all features of the amc tools, e.g. linear motor drive for nozzle positioning or our special EBR solutions, have been configured to enable and optimize flexible processes. Besides, ams PILOT software independently controls processes in every equipment and therefore highly contributes to that fact. So, throughput, as well as quality of the finished product increase, reject diminishes, downtime and prevention costs go down and time is being saved.

    Optimized processes, attractive purchasing costs, a very good return on investment, low maintenance and spare parts costs, and longevity of all components contribute to raising cost efficiency. Moreover, flexible process options and the great variety of processable substrates help to increase machine efficiency and reduce time for retrofits. Furthermore, the compact footprints of the amc equipment, as well as the option of a genuine through-the-wall installation save expensive cleanroom capacity.

    Environmental protection is getting increasingly important in all aspects of life and it is also a heartfelt matter for amcoss, reflecting in our equipment. Thanks to the energy save mode of our ams PILOT software and the unique amcoss dispense system, an option for media re-use and the recycling of dissolved metals in the lift-off process, as well as other clever features, not only resists and media, but also energy can be saved. Consequently, there is less reject and waste. Because various processes can be run within one compact machine, its ecological footprint is generally smaller. At last, we try to keep our supply chain regional wherever possible.

    Sustainability may not only be limited to technology but has also to focus on humans. Production equipment has to be simple, comfortable and safe in operation. Our singular amc operation concept shows in all aspects of our amcoss equipment – in our user-friendly ams PILOT software and a machine design enabling easy access to the modules, which can be effortlessly installed or removed, as well as in easy process adjustment. Moreover, many integrated features increase operator safety.

  • amr semi-automatic processing equipment
    Our modular, highly flexible amr stand-alone spinner is of great benefit for R&D laboratories and institutions with small-lot production and single processing steps within the treatment of a variety of substrate specifications....

  • Our semi-automatic amr series for coating, developing, cleaning, lift-off, vapor priming, etching and heating of individual substrates has been designed to meet the needs of single- and small-lot production. Laboratories, research institutions, development departments and prototype productions highly profit from our extremely compact processing units with low need of space and very attractive cost calculation. All proven amcoss processing modules and technologies can be found in our amr equipment and they will be as reliable in precision, efficiency and profitability as our fully-automatic tools. The only feature missing is automatic wafer handling.

    One or more processing units (600 x 600 mm) with one processing module each, will be flexibly combined with a control unit (450 x 600 mm or 200 x 600 mm) fitted with our ams PILOT control software. So, an individually configurated, compact tool that can be extended if needed, is being created. Depending on the substrate size you want to process you may choose from two different models of processing modules used:

    amr 200 – for wafer types 2“ to 200 mm in diameter, as well as Small Pieces
    amr 300 – for wafer types 2“ to 300 mm in diameter, as well as Small Pieces

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