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Welcome to esmo semicon!

Handling Systems · Manipulators · Docking/Interfacing solutions

Part of the esmo group, esmo semicon is one of the leading suppliers of handling and automation systems, manipulators, and docking/interfacing solutions for the global semiconductor industry.

Our technical specialists develop tailored solutions for integrating test head manipulators and docking/interfacing systems into front/back-end test cells. esmo group's system integration and automation experts customize a wide range of handling applications, including automated handling solutions. From equipment selection to innovative test cell designs, we provide comprehensive services to optimize our customers’ efficiency and performance levels.

Our teams are located around the world. With offices in Germany, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, we are well-poised to support you in any time zone!

 Press Releases

  • esmo group (esmo), a full-service systems integrator that provides innovative and advanced engineering services, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, lykos, a modular Burn-in Board (BIB) loading and unloading system designed to eliminate manual placement and orientation errors.

    With high demand for microchips, the industry needs an efficient way to manage the volume and turnaround time during burn-in, a process to detect early failures in semiconductor devices. Manual burn-in methods — including hand placement, manual flipping, and manual stacking — are slow, error-prone, and can damage delicate wafers, ultimately leading to costly downtime and product defects.

    lykos, a reliable and portable device handling system, offers users modular machine configuration and options that can meet specific requirements and applications. Featuring ergonomic control panels and user-friendly software, the system eliminates the need for manual placement and orientation, ensuring reliable and accurate operations. With its advanced automation capabilities, lykos enhances operational efficiency, reduces manufacturing defects, and accelerates production cycles.

    “lykos represents a significant leap forward in board handling technology, offering distinct advantages over traditional manual systems,” shared Josef Weinberger, Head of Business Unit, esmo semicon. “It seamlessly integrates with existing production lines and can be customised to meet specific requirements.”

    The lykos features fully automated open top sockets (OTS) loading, flexible BIB clamping for different sizes, and an impressive conversion time of less than 3 minutes, including BIB change.

    Other key features of lykos include:

    • Device pin1 orientation in BIB
    • Handling of devices up to 1x1mm
    • Highly accurate and reliable 4+1-axis portal pick-and-place robot system (±0.05mm accuracy)
    • Integrated camera system for pick-and-place position teaching
    • RS232/TCP/IP or optional GPIB tester interfaces
    • High MTBF values, low maintenance efforts
    • Optional positioning vision system, ionizer, vacuum generator, and signal light tower systems

    lykos is now available globally. For more information, please visit https://esmo-group.com/semicon/handling-systems/lykos-bib-loader-unloader/


    Notes to the Editor

    About esmo group

    Established in 2001, the esmo group is an international enterprise that provides innovative and advanced engineering services to different sectors across a variety of industries:

    • esmo automation is a full-service provider that offers a comprehensive range of product and service offerings for the plant engineering and automation technology industries.
    • esmo semicon is one of the leading suppliers of manipulators, docking and interfacing components, and handling systems, such as the talos, for the global semiconductor industry.
    • flextos, a subsidiary of the esmo group, specializes in customized solutions for the drywall and interior construction industry.

    We develop customized solutions at an excellent price-performance ratio for our customers globally. Our strong portfolio of leading-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery, innovative production engineering and efficient processes allows us to meet even the most challenging requirements within short timeframes. Our extensive experience, competence, and colleagues’ motivation and commitment make up the strong and reliable framework behind our customers’ success.

    esmo is a subsidiary of Accuron Industrial Technologies. www.accuronindustrial.com

    For more information, please visit www.esmo-group.com.

    Download Press Release incl. images here:


  • lykos – burn-in-board loader/unloader
    mobile + modular device handling system for reliable loading/unloading to avoid manual placement/orientation errors...

  • What is a "burn-in-board" (BIB) loading system?

    "Burn-in" is a crucial procedure employed in the semiconductor industry to subject semiconductor components to rigorous temperature stress testing. The primary objective of this process is to identify and detect any potential failures stemming from design, material, process, or manufacturing defects at an early stage.

    During the burn-in process, temperatures ranging from 125 °C to 250 °C (257 °F to 482 °F) are meticulously applied and sustained for several hours, and in some cases, even days. This carefully controlled thermal environment allows for comprehensive evaluation and validation of the components, ensuring their reliability and performance under extreme operating conditions.

    system key features

    • exclusion of human error during device placement in the BIB
    • device pin1 orientation in BIB
      - damage to device during insertion into BIB
      - handling of up to 1 x 1 mm devices
    • preventing faulty devices due to incorrect orientation during insertion
    • fully automated open top sockets (OTS) loading
    • reliable and easy-to-use device handling system
    • modular machine configurations and options as per specific/individual customer requirements
    • flexible BIB clamping (different sizes)
    • easily moveable, even by one person
    • ergonomic control panel arrangement
    • user-friendly software
    • cost-efficient and easy-to-use conversion kits for different devices
    • conversion time (incl. BIB change) less than 3 minutes

    handling key features

    • highly accurate and reliable 4+1-axis portal pick-and-place robot system (±0.05 mm accuracy)
    • high MTBF values, low maintenance efforts
    • free pin1 orientation
    • 17.3" widescreen HMI with multi-touch capability
    • integrated camera system for pick-and-place position teaching
    • RS232/TCP/IP or optional GPIB tester interfaces
    • remote control via Ethernet

    All information about lykos BiB loader/unloader you will find here.
    Brochure + technical specifications »

  • titan auto-dock manipulator
    for various load capacities with spring-loaded winch system...

  • key features

    • new manipulator series with various load capacities:
      · up to 450 kg (992 lbs)
      · up to 800 kg (1,764 lbs)
      · up to 1,050 kg (2,315 lbs)
    • fully automated docking or partial manual control
    • new lift system (Z-axis, up/down) with fork-lift rails
    • spring-loaded winch system
    • potentiometer included for force regulation stopping
    • tumble axis manual or electrical
    • spring-loaded theta compliance
    • slim pillar design with control cabinet at the back


    max. load capacity up to 450 kg / 992 lbs
    up to 800 kg / 1,764 lbs
    up to 1,050 kg / 2,315 lbs


    tumble 90° (±5°)
    rotary column 90° (±5°)
    twist 180°
    footing x-y movement

  • handler-attached dib-loading system
    universal use – compatible with all existing solutions...

  • key features

    • quick + easy board change in less than one minute, by one person only (one-person operation)
    • highly efficient + time-saving operation
    • highest repeatability due to –   
      • mechanical test head/handler connection during board change process
      • statically defined test head positioning
    • sensor monitoring feature preventing operating errors
    • short-term return of investment
    • dedicated for final test processes
    • high locking force
    • single-sequence operation for docking/undocking
    • touch panel operation
    • programmable user interface
    • individual password-protected control options
    • contact force fully compensated by locking system
    • durable + robust design
    • compatible with great variety of test head solutions
    • designed for high parallel test setups
    • customer-testified yield improvement by 3% due to permanent, mechanical tester/handler connection – no time-consuming troubleshooting required, no stress on the boards
    • quick + easy + ergonomic board access
    • a result of more than 25 years' experience

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