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Welcome to GenISys!

Based in Munich, Germany, with subsidiaries in Yokohama, Japan, and San Francisco, California, GenISys develops markets and supports flexible, high-performance software solutions for the optimization of micro- and nano- fabrication processes. Addressing the market for lithography and inspection, GenISys combines deep technical expertise in layout data processing, process modeling, correction and optimization with world class software engineering and a strong focus on ease of use for applications in IC prototyping, mask production, DfM development and MEMS. For electron- and laser beam direct write and mask manufacturing, our data preparation and proximity effect correction software helps to push the limits of technology. Since its foundation in 2005, GenISys has become a global market leader in the field of electron-beam lithography software and is expanding to related markets and applications.


    BEAMER is the most comprehensive lithography software for electron- and laser-beam exposure. It optimises productivity, quality, and innovation through advanced data preparation for integrated circuits (IC), MEMS, and more....

  • BEAMER is the most comprehensive lithography software for optimal nano and micro devices exposure by supporting top features for the most important electron- and laser-beam systems:

    • Superior machine-specific fracturing of complex curved layouts
    • Optimised field and shot placement
    • Writing order control and advanced writing strategies
    • Library of comprehensive layout processing functions
    • Support for most used layout formats
    • Integrated layout editor
    • Built-in Viewer for immediate inspection, verification, and measurement of patterns
    • Powerful proximity and process effect correction technology
    • Electron- and laser-beam simulation of absorbed energy and resist contour
  • LAB
    LAB enables next generation devices and fast development via computational design and process optimisation....

  • Experimental layout optimisation and process development are time-consuming and cost-intensive. Lithography simulation gives access to numerous virtual experimental results in a fraction of the time, thereby reducing development and production costs. LAB facilitates the simulation of proximity, projection, laser and electron-beam lithography, benefiting applications such as IC manufacturing, flat panel display, LED, MEMS, 3D packaging, mask manufacturing and nano-fabrication. The fast and accurate calculation of the intensity image allows layout optimisation via Rule-OPC and Model-OPC, mask layout verification, optimisation of process conditions (e.g. illumination source or sample stack) and process window (e.g. defocus and exposure dose variation) by varying the layout or exposure parameters. Once a perfect image contrast has been obtained, 3D resist development modelling allows further optimisation of the resist profile. Complex process effects such as lateral development and density-dependent bias in electron-beam or laser lithography can be analysed and compensated.
  • ProSEM
    ProSEM is an advanced SEM metrology and automation package for monitoring of micro and nanostructures, process calibration and lithographic patterns....

  • ProSEM is designed for simplicity with a clean user interface and project handling. Both loading images fully calibrated and exporting results is done easily. While all methods are optimized for SEM imaging and classical CMOS structures can be measured, ProSEM also supports various features and element types used in R&D nanofabrication.


    • Precise and calibrated SEM image analysis
    • Repeatable results and large data sets

    ProSEM is based on sophisticated algorithms for automatic edge detection and feature fitting. This enables multiple measurements and statistical data sets for reliable results, which can be visualized and summarized in data tables. Moreover, ProSEM provides analysis like LER and PSD or more advanced contour measurement and extraction.


    • Automated image acquisition and processing
    • Layout-based metrology and batch recipes

    ProSEM is very powerful in measuring similar features and pattern arrays automatically. With defining metrology recipes, the batch mode operation can be applied to large image sets and different projects. Additional capabilities of ProSEM include layout-based measurement definition and automated SEM image acquisition via a digital interface.

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