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Control & Connectivity for Equipment Manufacturers SECS/GEM

Agileo Automation specializes in industrial automation with a high expertise in software solutions for semiconductor, electronics and photovoltaic equipment manufacturers.

With 13+ years experience in semiconductor equipment automation (process, inspection and metrology equipment, wafer handlers, reticle handlers), Agileo Automation supports its customer from equipment design through customer acceptance.

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  • Agil'GEM
    SECS-II and GEM connectivity for equipment manufacturers. Can be integrated as a C# library or in a gateway to connect with PLCs or other machine controllers. Field-proven product deployed worldwide for semiconductor, PV and electronics....

  • GEM Services
    • Equipment communication state and control state
    • Process program
    • Collection event sending (S6F11)
    • Variable data collection
    • Status data collection
    • Remote control (S2F41/S2F49)
    • Alarm management
    • Equipment constants
    • Clock
    • Trace data collection
    • Limits monitoring
    • Customization availability for any SECS‑II compliant message format

    More details on Agil'GEM

  • Agil'GEM300
    A complete .NET/C# solution for GEM300 connectivity. Agil’GEM300 handles the complexity of GEM300 automation and provides a simple interface to connect to the devices, user interface and the factory host....

  • GEM300 services

    • Management of Carriers and Load Ports
      • Carrier ID Verification
      • Slot Map Verification
      • Both manually and through OHT 
    • Management of Process Jobs
    • Management of Control Jobs 
    • Tracking substrates in the equipment with Substrate ID verification 
    • Tracking of Equipment Performance 
    • Management of Module Performance 
    • Collaboration between standards managed by Agil’GEM300 with minimal integrator interaction 
    • Include Agil'GEM 

    SEMI standards

    SEMI standards supported in Agil'GEM300:

    • SEMI E-87 - Carrier Management
      • Fixed buffer
      • Internal buffer 
    • SEMI E-40 - Processing Managment 
    • SEMI E-94 - Control Job Management 
      • Material redirection
    • SEMI E-90 - Substrate Tracking
      • Single substrate tracking 
      • Batch tracking 
    • SEMI E-116 - Equipment Performance Tracking
    • SEMI E-157 - Module Process Tracking 
    • SEMI E-39 - Object Services 
    • SEMI E-30 - GEM​​​​​​
    • SEMI E4 - SECS-I (serial protocol)
    • SEMI E37.1 - HSMS-SS (ethernet protocol)
    • SEMI E5 - SECS-II (message format)

    More details on Agil'GEM300

  • Speech Scenario
    SECS-II emulator for Host or Equipment. Emulate the Fab Host to validate SECS/GEM connectivity before shipping the equipment....

  • Features:

    • Receive and Send any SECS-II compliant message (including E40, E94, E87,…)
    • Create your own messages in SMN
    • Use data to parameterize your messages
    • Write full operational scenarios and complete test plans in C#
    • Associate different sessions to different kind of tools
    • Use transparently Serial or Ethernet communication
    • Use several communication configuration
    • Provide logs in SMN (E173 SEMI standard) or SML to your customers prior to tool shipment
    • Log CEIDs with a meaningful name
    • Emulate Host or Equipment with one software

    More details on Speech Scenario.

    A²ECF-SEMI is a software framework for semiconductor equipment control and connectivity including EFEM management, user interface and SECS/GEM connectivity....

  • A²ECF-SEMI is intended for equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor, electronics or photovoltaic industries.

    Higly customizable, this SEMI E95 compliant framework proposes a standardized way to create an application for semiconductor production equipment :

    • Multiuser management with access rights (operator, process engineer, field service engineer for example)
    • Automatic trace generation with tools to analyze equipment activity
    • Operator actions recording
    • EFEM devices management such as:
      • Wafer handlers with one or dual arms
      • Pre-aligners
      • Load Ports and FOUP Openers
      • Scribe readers
    • Schedulers for wafer flow sequencing
    • Data collection to the Fab Host and Remote control through SECS/GEM and PV2 interface library Agil'GEM or Agil'GEM300 (GEM + 300mm automation standards including in particular Carrier Management, Process Job, Control Job and Substrate Tracking)


    A²ECF SEMI can be integrated either by your team after training, or by Agileo Automation team, or both.

    Most of the time when we take care of the development, we create the first application based on the basis of specifications that we can write together during a consulting phase. In this case, we are able to commit to a budget and a timeframe up to the tool acceptance at your customer's site, including SECS/GEM connectivity. Developments are carried out using our methodology in order to ensure the expected quality and meet deadlines.

    More details on A²ECF-SEMI.

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