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Welcome to our booth. Please enjoy Aicello Clean technology!

Aicello-Harke GmbH is a Joint Venture between Aicello Corporation and Harke Group.

Our mission is, “To Pursue True Packaging” and "Being part of our customers".

We have clean tech factories producing:

 Containers for Ultrapure Chemicals

Clean Containers for managing ultrapure chemicals used in semiconductor, life science and other mission critical industries.

 Ultra-clean Packaging for Mission Critical Application

Clean Bags with ultra low particle counts for semiconductor related materials, medical and food industries.

We continue developing Aicello Technology as we take on the challenge of creating products full of originality by listening to the voices of customers, working together with many partners, and utilizing facilities that support development in the field.


    CLEAN BAG has been used as packaging of semiconductor manufacturing devices and their components. Our CLEAN BAG has got two types; HYPERCLEAN™, super clean PE bags, and FINE BAG, super functional PE bags....

    ・Our CLEAN BAG is mainly used in manufactures of Semiconductor, Precision Parts, Pharmaceuticals, Functional Resins, and so on.​
    ・Films are produced by extruded blown production method which maintains the cleanliness of the bag interior.​
    ・There are two series of CLEAN BAGs:​
     HYPERCLEAN™ – with low particles and low outgas level

       FINEBAG – functional Clean Bags with anti-static and shading properties​


    MA24 is the only one product that guarantees its cleanliness and outgas level in the world.

    -Product details

    ・Inside package cleanliness

    ・Specification of inner cleanliness (Aicello method)

    ・Specification of outgas level

    ・High intensity


    The Standard Grade for Electronics Field

    PE bags that are able to guarantee the inside cleanliness.

    -Product details

    ・Inside package cleanliness

    ・Specification of inner cleanliness (Aicello method)

    ・High strength


    ・Easy tearing


    FINEBAG   KA21

    Functional yet No Elution

    PE bags with both antistatic functions and inner cleanliness mainly used in the electronics field.

    -Product details

    ・Inner cleanness

    ・Permanent antistatic function

  • Clean Bottles
    Clean Bottles maintains a high level of cleanliness over a long period of time, with almost no elution of metal ions. It is used not only as a container for products, but also for testing and development and for the purpose of quality control storage. ...

  • Clean Bottles

    Clean Bottles are high-purity bottles used by the customers who are not allowed any impurities in chemicals.

    Clean Bottles offer safe transportation and long-term storage.​
    Major industries of our customers are Semiconductor Manufacturing, Display Materials, Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Food Additive Industries which require high-purity quality.​

    <Manufacture> ​
    In a strictly controlled environment​
    High-purity PE raw materials without any additives​

    <Quality Control>​
    Low particles in all lineups ​
    Own cleanliness measurement method​

    <CLEANBARRIER™ (CB) bottles>​
    Prevents permeation of organic solvents​
    Guarantees low metal ion​ and low particle​

    ●Offering a safer solution and reducing GHG during transportation​
     CLEANBARRIER™ (CB) bottle is used as an alternative to the glass bottles that have been used until now.
     ・Unbreakable compared to glass bottles ​
     ・Easy to handle (1/5 of glass bottle weight) ​
     ・Less packaging materials ​

    ●Application ​
    Semiconductors (Photo Resists, BARC etc.) ​
    Flat Panel Display (Liquid Crystal, Color Resist, Alignment Layer, OLED Materials etc.)

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