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SPS - Your guide to innovative production

Every day, our clients are being challenged to create smaller and more powerful microchips in the cleanest and most cost-efficient way possible. With our expertise in wafer handling tools and wet process equipment, we can guide our customers and offer them a wide range of cutting-edge products and customized solutions for all their major semiconductor process steps. 

Within SPS we developed three specialist brands:

  • Espro - wet process equipment

  • Polos

  • WHS, specialized in ergonomically designed and fancy looking wafer handling equipment.

Combined with more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, SPS can truly help and inspire customers towards more innovative production and a better future for all. 

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    * Self-Contained 600mbar (17.7” Hg Barometric) vacuum * ESD-Safe Antistatic Construction with ground path * Advanced HEPA filter 99,99% of 0,3 µm particles * No house vacuum needed * Base unit can handle all wafer sizes and tips/cups ...

  • Applications

    • General use: Vacuum wands are utilized to pick up and transport wafers from one location to another without adding particles.
    • Sorting: For manual wafer sorting applications, vacuum wands allow operators to move wafers safely and precisely within a parent lot. They can also be used to combine lots together, add test wafers, and replace any damaged wafers, as necessary.
    • Inspection - Operators can use vacuum wands to pull out a wafer from a parent lot and inspect it under specialized lighting to look for defects. This ensures that the process has been successful and that the wafer meets the required specifications
    • Rescue – Vacuum wands can be used to remove stranded substrates from cassettes, pods, and process tools when automation underperforms.

    The WHS-V6-200 is an advanced 150-200 mm tabletop portable battery-powered vacuum wand provides mobility to go anywhere in the cleanroom. The powerful vacuum pump, high performance battery and auto-shutoff holder allows this system to be used in a high production environment for multiple days on one charge. Ships with 150-200 mm vacuum tip (WHS-V1-AP4NST).  Designed for wafer rescue or light-production, ISO 3, FS209E Class 1.

    Brand: WHS
    Product Number: WHS-V6-200
    Size of: Cordless Vacuum Wand Assembly
    Material: Body: Antistatic Polycarbonate | Feet: ESD-safe Polyurethane
    Wafer Size: 150-200 mm
    Type: Including: WHS-V1-AP4NST PEEK Vacuum Tip

  • Inline Heater LH
    * Absolutely safe heating according to SEMI S3 * The inline heater can be equipped with an embedded liquid present sensor * Ground wire with Ta-tip or Pt-tip * Create your own esPRO® Inline Heater...

  • Brand: esPRO

    Productname: ESPRO-LH

    Storage Temperature: -40° / -60°

    Max. Operating Altitude: 6,600ft (2.000 m)

    Status: Request information

    Create your own esPRO® Inline Heater.

    The esPRO® Inline Heater LH is a remote heater using an electrical resistive element heater. It is intended to safely heat acids, bases, DI water and other noncombustible liquids up to 160°C.

    The Inline Heater LH Series is designed to be used in an ultra-pure environment, such as manufacturing equipment for the Semiconductor, Electronics, LED/Flat Panel, Solar cells, Chemical Processing, Aerospace and Life Science industry. It is not to be used in non-industrial, food and consumer products and applications. It is also not designed to be used to heat gases.

    The Inline Heater LH is intended to be mounted vertically, with IN and OUT connection ports located either on the top, top sideways, bottom sideways or bottom of the cylindrical housing. It is not intended to be used in any other angle.

    The Inline Heater LH Series is available in different type variants, according to customer needs:


    • Unprecedented flexibility for space saving installation and cost efficient solutions based on the individual heating application requirements.
    • Embedded Temperature sensors for the
    • heater element and liquid overtemp (additional sensors for process control available)

    Heating process
    The process liquid is supplied to the Inline Heater LH via the IN-connection. The process liquid is guided along an electric resistance wire, which is electrically and chemically insulated by a chemical resistant fluor polymer. The resistance wire is designed to heat up when electric current is applied. The heated resistance wire is allowing to exchange the thermal energy with the surrounding process liquid. This way, the inline heater can be used to heat the process liquid to the desired temperature.

    Liquid overtemp sensor:
    The temperature of the process liquid can be measured with the integrated process temperature sensor, which is mounted inside the inline heater near the outlet connector. The liquid temperature needs to be kept below its boiling temperature at the given altitude or pressure.

    Embedded thermocouple:
    The temperature of the resistance wire needs to be measured by the embedded thermocouple, which acts as the safety overtemperature sensor. A maximum wire temperature of 220°C should not be exceeded.

    Capacitive liquid present sensor
    The inline heater can be equipped with a liquid present sensor, which can be used to detect if the process liquid has filled the whole volume of the inline heater before the heater is activated. Inline heaters require a minimum flow to be controlled at the outlet of the heater. The liquid present sensor is not required for inline heaters.

    Ground wire with Ta-tip or Pt-tip:
    An insulated ground wire with a chemically inert metal tip in electric contact with the process liquid is used to detect leakage current between the heater element and the process liquid.

    Vent port:
    The thermal expansion of the process liquid in contact with the heater element may lead to local gas bubble formation. The user needs to make sure that the liquid is carrying those bubbles away from the heater element by providing a minimum flow of the process liquid. The gas bubbles can be vented through the vent connection at the top of the heater.

  • POLOS UC320 Ultrasonic Spray Coating System
    *Highly precision nano-particle coating *More efficient photoresist consumption compared to standard photoresist application techniques *Compact system with easy-to-use software controls *Wide range of Ultrasonic Nozzles and complimentary options...


    Brand: POLOS

    Product name: POLOS UC330

    Material: Table-top System

    Substrate size: Max. spray area: 300mm x 300mm

    Model: Spray width: 1mm to 100mm

    System type: Benchtop model

    Our POLOS® Table-Top Ultrasonic Spray Coating Systems are used for precision coating in the fields of R&D and small volume production. Typical applications include photoresist coatings for various wafer materials and creating functional layers for thin-film processes.

    The all new POLOS® UC330 system allows highly precision nano-particle coating with more efficient photoresist consumption compared to standard photoresist application techniques. On our Ultrasonic Spray Coating Systems the material usage ratio exceeds 95%, this will allow our users to reduce costs of photoresist consumption and improve their process efficiency. Listening to the needs of our customers, we designed a compact system with easy-to-use software controls, the ability to choose from the wide range of Ultrasonic Nozzles and complimentary options will allow you to find the perfect match for their process application.

    The POLOS® UC330 is standard supplied with integrated syringe pump, carrier gas regulation, ultrasonic generator and controllable motion system. With patented ultrasonic spray technology, the system can provide highly uniform and efficient fine spray coating.


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