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Creating meaningful technologies that make the world work

For over 30 years, Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development, and production partner for high-end electronics in the semiconductor industry, counting with multiple manufacturing sites and sales offices in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, China, and Israel. 

Prodrive Technologies produce everything in-house, covering all aspects of processes from start to finish thanks to our engineering services that allow us to take all our customers’ inquiries to the next level. We deliver the latest process techniques in computing, motion drivers & controllers, stages, cameras, and optical systems.

For us, it is all about the customer and the passion for technology. Prodrive Technologies is the perfect long-term partner that provides innovative and comprehensive solutions to achieve high performance and high reliability in the front-end processes such as metrology, lithography, etching, and deposition, and the back-end manufacturing processes like probing, dicing, and pick-and-place. 

Our solutions comply with S2, S8, and F47 standards.

Visit our Semiconductor website for more information by clicking here.

 Press Releases

  • Prodrive Technologies rejoins SEMI

    SCIENCE PARK EINDHOVEN ,14th June 2023 - Prodrive Technologies is rejoining SEMI, demonstrating its commitment to the semiconductor and electronics markets. The company will be joining events to share knowledge and technology with market experts and top players.

    Prodrive Technologies’ expertise covers front- and back-end manufacturing processes as well as electronics manufacturing. It provides comprehensive and innovative computing systems, power conversion products, motion components, and advanced cameras and sensors. These are tailored to semiconductor markets like lithography, deposition, etching, and wafer inspection. Customers get innovative leading-edge technology with fast time to market.

    Participating at SEMICON trade shows

    “Rejoining SEMI is another step for us. It gives us more resources to access the latest market information to help us fulfill our mission: Create meaningful technologies that make the world work.” said Erik Zeegers, Chief Commercial Officer.

    Prodrive Technologies complies with the SEMI S2 (EH&S) and S8 (Ergonomics) Guidelines and the SEMI F47 (minimum voltage sag immunity) standards. Products and solutions are designed for 10+ year lifecycles, and quality engineers are fully involved in product and process design. They lead improvement programs and root cause analysis, and support supplier quality activities. Copy exact ensures that critical manufacturing process steps are not changed without prior approval, and change control ensures any change requests are approved, planned in, or rejected.

    Visit us at booth #B2901 at Semicon Europa.

    Sales contact: [email protected]

    For more than two decades Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development, and production partner for the global semiconductor and electronics equipment industry. Founded in 1993, the Netherlands-based company designs and manufactures electronics, software, and mechatronic solutions using the latest process techniques, many of which it has developed. In close cooperation with customers. It owns flexible and fully automated manufacturing plants/factories in the Netherlands, U.S., and China where it optimizes product designs for each customer.

  • Prodrive Technologies and Robovision partner for AI-enabled Automated Defect Classification

    SCIENCE PARK EINDHOVEN, 22nd May 2023 - Prodrive Technologies and Robovision are partnering to deliver AI-enabled Automated Defect Classification systems. Robovision’s best-in-class AI-ADC system enables operators and domain experts with no AI background to build their own deep learning-based systems quickly and with no code. Prodrive Technologies uses this to supply customers with an optimized turnkey semiconductor defect review and classification system running on its own proven hardware. It is being shown at Semicon Europa (14 - 17 November, Munchen, booth #B2901).

    Advanced ICs have hundreds of layers with features down to 3nm, each of which requires a new model based on a unique dataset. Manually developing and training inspection systems can take too long. ADC systems have recently advanced with Deep Learning allowing operators to quickly and accurately train their own AI models to detect and classify defects in real-time. Retraining the models keeps accuracy and quality high as process conditions and faults change. Manufacturers can respond far more quickly to production faults to eliminate them. That improves production yields, raises throughputs, and cuts lead times.

    Machine learning helps address the worldwide shortage of personnel

    AI automates manual work, for example where a microscope image examines the quality of a wafer layer. That helps address the industry-wide problem of finding enough qualified and experienced personnel to operate and maintain complex inspection systems. It also makes error classification more accurate and repeatable by reducing human error.

    Prodrive Technologies in collaboration with Robovision optimizes the system to specific applications, whether a business is exploring AI for the first time or is looking to improve and update existing systems. The NVIDIA-certified GPUs and networking have been tested specifically for contemporary AI workloads. Importantly, the systems are an add-on to existing equipment in the field, which enhances the productivity of these machines and helps to extend their use.

    Sales contact: [email protected]

  • Major semiconductor manufacturing challenges are now tackled by Prodrive Technologies’ latest innovations

    Eindhoven, 31st May 2023 - For 30 years, Prodrive Technologies has been the production partner for the semiconductor and electronics equipment industry on a global scale. Offering comprehensive and innovative solutions in computing systems, power conversion products, motion components, and advanced cameras, Prodrive Technologies knows how to excel and deliver strategic solutions meeting all market standards, including S2, S8, and F47. 

    The semiconductor industry has encountered enormous growth in recent years, resulting in greatly increased challenges that need to be overcome.  Speed, precision, and customization are essential to delivering an optimal throughput to a certain accuracy level, which is crucial for the success of specific requirements for each application within the semiconductor industry. 

    Prodrive Technologies has addressed the resolutions to tackle the challenges:

    • High-performance linear motor for precise results 
    • Easily adaptable motor stages for different requirements depending on each specific need. 
    • The line-scan TDI cameras for high-speed inspection 
    • And many more 

    Contact us or click here to learn more about how we support applications in the semiconductor market. 

    Sales contact: [email protected] 


  • GAIA - Industrial Grade Computing Cabinet
    Our in-house developed and manufactured industrial computing cabinet cooled rack GAIA, is specially developed to operate in high-end image processing applications, becoming a turn-key solution for OEMs in this high-demanding industry....

  • Prodrive Technologies' GAIA is an industrial-grade, liquid cooled computing cabinet used in demanding embedded applications. Capable of distributing 160A currents and cooling up to 50kW of equipment, it provides a self-contained housing well suited or industrial environments such as the semiconductor subfacts.

    Integrated management, diagnostic and safety deatures enable fast deployment and guarantee reliable operations.

    Gaia can be integarted with Prodrive's Zeus Xeon 19" scalable Servers for a fully integrated system and managed from a single interface usding Prodrive Centralized Management.

    If you are curious for more specifications, please click on the link and contact us. 

  • Proton Motion Stage
    We enable semiconductor OEMs to focus on their core application by developing and manufacturing custom wafer stages leveraging our competencies, OTS products, and in-house manufacturing capabilities as demonstrated with our Proton motion stage....

  • Our proton motion stage it is the first in line of high-precision motion stages that are named after subatomic particles. It is built from a unique combination of Prodrive technologies' diverse range of products and customised to particular requirements, proving and delivering a complete solution. 

    Not only suitable for atmosperic pressure operations, but the Proton Motion Stage is desgined for vacuum compatibility making it an ideal option for high-vacuum environments where electron/e-beam microscopes are typically used. 

    For more information please visit us in our booth or contact us. 

  • Sonic TDI camera
    The Prodrive Technologies Sonic TDI line-scan camera offers the fastest throughput available in the market and enables applications to faster acquire images even when light conditions are limited....

  • Our TDI line scan cameras offer an unprecedented combination of speed, sensitivity, and pixel resolution for highly demanding industries such as Semiconductor, Life-science, Display inspection, and Fabric inspection.

    With a resolution of 8K or 16K and a line rate of 1MHz and 256 TDI stages, the Sonic TDI camera enables applications to acquire images faster, even when light conditions are limited.

    The Sonic camera uses an optical CL High-Speed interface and combined with the off-the-shelf Apollo Frame Grabber to ensure reliable transmission of data over long distances and high-end optical inspection.

    For more information, please visit our booth, or refer to our website and contact us at this link.


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