HTT High Tech Trade GmbH

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Visit us for Live Demo of IOSS WID110 Wafer ID Reader.

htt GROUP is a privately owned Company, putting its main focus on the
Semiconductor Industry. Additionally to that, htt works in the
Photovoltaic & NanoTechnology, Medical Technology, Pharma Industry, and
Aerospace. HTT offers Sales,
Service, Maintenance, Application, CE-EMC confirmity and ist own
manufactured Cantilever Probecards.

Flagship is the WID110 Wafer ID Reader, a new designed RGB-Wafer ID Reader for OCR, Barcode, DataMatrix Codes designed and built by IOSS in Germany.

Due to its RGB-lighting it is possible to decode even damaged codes from the
Wafer surface. The Systems have a self-learn-Modus, the Integration into
production Equipment and for OEMs is easy.

htt Wafer Reade Division offers also a product for Automated Wafer Alignment and Automated Wafer-ID-Reading, the mBWR200 Batch Wafer Reader.

In its own Probe Card Divisionhtt provides made in Germany Cantilever Probecards, most of them custom made.

HTT Equipment Divisionoffers various capital Equipment products like Wafer Prober, Tester, Temperature Cycling Systems, Sorters and many more.