Integrated Dynamics Engineering GmbH

  • 小間番号1709-2

Vibration isolation, wafer handling and EMI cancellation

IDE- 除振システム、ウェハー搬送、外乱磁場変動キャンセラーのテクノロジーリーダー




  • (20151013)
  • (20151013)
  • The international leader in vibration isolation, EMI cancellation and acoustic control systems, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE), headquartered in Raunheim, Germany, will be a host company in the German Pavilion at SEMICON Japan 2015 from December 16 -18  (Hall 1 - 1709-1).

    Recently celebrating its 25th Anniversary, IDE will announce at SEMICON its plans to expand IDE’s activity in the Asian market. To build up this facility, IDE will be soliciting, on site at SEMICON, applicants for managerial positions in Asian sales and other opportunities with IDE.

    IDE serves semiconductor fabs and nanotechnology research labs throughout the world, especially with its highly regarded PAD microscopy platforms. In addition, IDE is the major vibration isolation OEM supplier to global semiconductor manufacturers.

    Among IDE’s world-class systems for the Asian market will be the next generation high performance MK5 Controller for EMI cancellation, featuring powerful new sensor capabilities.

    IDE is highly active in the automation field and is now introducing the SLT (service lifting tool) for OEM equipment manufacturers.

    Another innovation from IDE being introduced at SEMICON Japan is “Milonga”, IDE’s new, comprehensive in-floor active vibration isolation platform solution with broad applications in the semiconductor market.

    Visitors are encouraged to talk to IDE at SEMICON Japan and explore these new sales opportunities. 


  • - 市場で最も強力な外乱磁場減衰(最大 -55デシベル)
    - 総合的な性能診断による、優れた信頼性
    - 高性能のオートチューニングとタッチスクリーン制御で簡単操作
    - 厳しい状況での適用や強度の妨害に広く対応
    - コンパクトな設計と許容磁場の広さにより、センサー配置を柔軟に設置可能

    • Sandwich style isolation platform
    • Hybrid design incorporating stiff steel springs
    • Excellent performance at higher frequency disturbances
    • Compact design, integrated controller
    • Easy installation and tuning
    • Ultra-fast settling time
    • Floor and stage feed forward options
  • Milonga TAW

    • Robust against high disturbance forces – Hard-mount concept
    • Sensitive to provide lowest floor vibration levels (VC-E)
    • Unique combination of active control technology
    • High speed control allows immediate response

    Milonga is the active vibration isolation platform for CD-SEMs, E-beam lithography, ultra-sensitive semiconductor metrology tools and sophisticated inspection equipment comprised of TAW active isolation modules, supporting frame structure and isolated floor plate.

    In the past years, several distinguished microscope brands have selected the Milonga TAW for highly dependable performance, joining a long list of satisfied users. Milonga TAW is considered by many to be the primary vibration isolation system for CD-SEMs, E-beam lithography, ultra-sensitive semiconductor tools and sophisticated inspection equipment. Today, the TAW continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of IDE’s world-class customers,

    The Milonga isolation platform is installed on the concrete floor of a fab or lab. The platform height is leveled to the same height as that of the raised floor. Milonga platforms are typically 1.5 m (5 ft.) wide, 2 m (6.5 ft.) long, and 400 mm (1.5 ft.) high. They can accommodate equipment up to 6,000 kg (12,150 lbs.).

    Now setting a ten year record of exceptional performance, IDE’s TAW vibration isolators are specifically designed, fully certified, and continuously upgraded for cleanrooms worldwide. The active isolation platform has been proven countless times to deliver highly optimized passive and active isolation.

    A decade of data readily supports IDE’s leadership in vibration isolation for cleanrooms. The trend continues.


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