Bach Resistor Ceramics GmbH

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Welcome to Bach RC, Your specialist for ceramic heaters.

Bach Resistor Ceramics, located in Seefeld, Germany, manufactures ceramic heating elements of silicon nitride and aluminum nitride. The fully ceramic heating elements are constructed of an electrically insulating ceramic that is sintered homogeneously with the ceramic heating conductor. High performance ceramics enable superior strength and heat conductivity. The heaters can be as small as 3x3mm and as large as Ø480mm diameter. Their maximum temperature is 1000°C. Ceramic heaters can be designed to customer requirements, directing the heat where it is needed.


  • Heated Wafer Chucks

  • Heated Ceramic Wafer Chucks perform superior temperature uniformity in a wide temperature range up to 1000°C. Thanks to an integrated ceramic heating conductor, the temperature profile and power distribution can be adapted to the requirements in the application. The high-performance ceramic can be used in vacuum and UHV applications as well as in atmosphere or overpressure environment. High heating rates and low thermal mass ensure excellent process stability and high troughput. 


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