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High Performance IC Sockets & Adapters

Ironwood Electronics is ISO9001:2015 certified and offers a wide selection of high performance adapters and sockets, plus experienced engineering for quick-turn customs. Ironwood Electronics offer probing, prototype, and SMT package emulation for all SMT packages. Ironwood Electronics products include High-bandwidth 75 GHz sockets for BGA/QFN, pitches down to 0.3 mm, only 2.5 mm larger than IC. Latest adapters include QFN/MLF package emulators, BGA high endurance test sockets, BGA production adapters, and back-to-back Xilinx-compatible BGA sockets. These adapters/sockets support the product life cycle. In the design cycle, engineers are able to test and develop products more quickly with  Ironwood prototype and test adapters for all package type--along with the very high density 75 GHz BGA and QFN/MLF sockets. In production, Ironwood can help extend the product life of PCBs, using package converter technology to replace or upgrade original or obsolete components and provide small to high volume turn-key solutions.


  • Socket your 293 pin BGA using Extreme Temperature Socket with Superior Electrical Performance

    EAGAN, MN - October, 2017 - Ironwood Electronics recently introduced a new BGA socketaddressing high performance requirements for Micro Controller Units - CBT-BGA-6071. The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 31 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 125,000 insertions. The self inductance of the contactor is 0.88 nH, insertion loss < 1 dB at 15.7 GHz and contact resistance is <30mOhms. The current capacity of each contactor is 4 amps at 60C temperature rise. Socket temperature range is -55C to +180C. Socket also features a floating guide for precise ball to pin alignment. The specific configuration of the package to be tested in the CBT-BGA-6071 is a BGA, 17x17mm, 0.8mm pitch, 293 position, 20x20 ball array. The socket is mounted using supplied hardware on the target PCB with no soldering, and uses smallest footprint for nearby passive components. Socket uses 5 post stiffener plate to support back side of the PCB and allows passive components to be placed in between posts. This socket utilizes clamshell lid with integrated compression mechanism. To use, place the BGA device into the socket base and close the clamshell lid assembly on to the base using the latch. Turning the compression screw handle applies downward pressure via integrated compression plate. This socket can be used for hand test and temperature characterization as well as debugging application in development and MCU comparison between various manufacturers. 

    Pricing for the CBT-BGA-6071 is $950 at qty 1 with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required. 

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  • BGA Sockets - Prototype to Production
    Ironwood has the most comprehensive collection of BGA (Ball Grid Array) sockets that can be used for prototype application, silicon validation, system development, thermal characterization, burn-in application, functional production test, etc....

  • BGA socket can be defined as an electromechanical device, which provides removable interface between IC package and system circuit board with minimal effect on signal integrity. BGA sockets for prototype applications, silicon validations, system development applications uses low cost elastomer contact technology.

    The SG elastomer consists of fine pitch matrix (0.05mm x 0.05mm) of gold plated wires (20 micron diameter), which are embedded at a 63-degree angle in a soft insulating sheet of silicone rubber.

    Typical specifications for the SG interconnect include:

    • 27 to >40 GHz Bandwidth
    • 0.06 to 0.11nH Self Inductance
    • 0.023 to 0.041nH Mutual Inductance
    • 0.012 to 0.02pF Mutual Capacitance
    • Less than 30 mOhms Contact Resistance
    • -35C to +100C
    • 0.2 to 2 Amps per pin
    • 25-35 grams per pin
    • 2000 to 3000 Insertions


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