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Welcome to Toch, hosted by India Japan Partnership Group



Toch is an e-commerce & social media platform built on proprietary artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies which are directed to fully unleash the potential of videos in online communication and e-commerce.

Linkites develops innovative, new-age technologies in Blockchain, AI and Machine learning. Additionally, Linkites is also a leading IT services provider and developer company from India.

Toch and Linkites are represented by India Japan Partnership Groud / Fund, which is contributing towards the development of business alliances between India and Japan through injection of growth capital and its wide network of experts in major domains of business, healthcare, finance and technology.


  • TOCH
    AI-based video tagging and shoppable videos....

  • TOCH is an AI-based video analysis and tagging technology, that can identify products, apparels, merchandise and more in a video in real time and can give the user link from where they can buy the exact same or similar items.


初出展/New Exhibitor
新製品/New Products
製品展示/Displaying Equipment
デモンストレーション/ Product Demonstrations
産業・技術分野/ Industries/Technologies
上記以外の分野/Other categories
Video tagging using AI