BriskHeat Corporation

Columbus,  OH 
United States
  • 小間番号4633

あなたのヒーティングのスペシャリスト~since 1949年~

1949年創業 ガス供給、排気配管およびプロセス管理の表面加熱、断熱、および温度制御ソリューションのメーカーです。加熱を必要とするシステム全体を加熱保温することでビルドアップを防ぎ、ダウンタイムを少なくしプロセスを継続します。 BriskHeat社では、形状、必要出力、温度均一性等の要件に応じ標準のヒーター、カスタム設計のヒーター、温度制御機器を用意しています。温度制御ではヒータージャケット毎の正確なPID温調、使いやすいタッチパネル式のインターフェースを持つCentipede®コントローラや各種オプションがあります。 また、多種のヒーター製品と技術的ノウハウ、経験を活かして難しい加熱対象を解決しています。代理店:株式会社東京興業貿易商会(TKBS)、東4ホールブース: 4633にお立ち寄りください。


  • Cloth Heating Jacket
    Maximize coverage and efficiency by both heating and insulating complete systems for your exact needs. Easily install and remove jackets as needed on your system with durable and reusable hook and loop fasteners to keep the jacket in place....

  • Features

    • Ability to heat and insulate all components of a system
      • Diameters as small as 1/4" (6mm)
      • Flanges, VCR nuts, valves, unistruts, etc.
    • Uniform temperatures throughout entire line or component
    • Easy on-off installation with durable and reusable hook and loop fasteners
    • High temperature capabilities
      • Up to 250°C (482°F) for Class 10 Clean rooms
      • Up to 593°C (1100°F) for Class 100 Clean rooms
    • Energy efficient design
    • Patented grounded heating element option
    • Exceptional durability
    • Compatible with Centipede 2® Temperature Control System or existing system
    • cURus, CE


    • Economically reduces condensation build-up and contamination
    • Increased productivity
    • Decreased maintenance
    • Energy-savings
    • Safe and cool to the touch (meets SEMI S2 standards)
    • Long service life: BriskHeat's typical heating jacket life is 10+ years. No need for aftermarket parts
  • Centipede 2 Temperature Control System
    Individual PID Temperature Control for EACH Heater...

  • Features

    • Easy-to-use, full-color touchscreen interface
    • Control multiple chambers, lines, and tools from one interface (up to 4 different lines of heaters)
    • Expandable: It grows as your application grows
    • Capable of integrating with your central monitoring system


    • Precise temperature control throughout heating system
    • Improves system temperature uniformity
    • Complete fab and foundry heating system integration


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