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Welcome to the T-FIT, a Zotefoams Business Exhibitor Page.

T-FIT®, a Zotefoams brand, has served the semiconductor industry with high-performance cleanroom insulation for over a decade.

The modular T-FIT Clean range is manufactured from high-quality closed cell PVDF foam produced via Zotefoams’ unique nitrogen expansion process. Fibre- dust- and particulate-free, it is the only foam compliant with FM4910 FM Global Cleanroom Materials Test Protocol, is rated 5/5 according to ATSM E-84 for surface burning characteristics and has the lowest toxicity rating of any polymer/elastomer insulation product.

T-FIT Clean resists bacteria and mould growth, exceeding the industry standard ATSM G21-96 of 28 days. Extremely low VOC outgassing – just 29.1μg/g, against the industry standard of 1000μg/g (M+W Zander) – enable its use within industry-leading tooling units worldwide. With reduced overall installation cost, reduced footprint, reduced operating cost and reduced risk of cross-contamination, T-FIT Clean is the global standard for cleanroom insulation.


  • T-FIT
    T-FIT is a unique range of technical pipework insulation, purpose designed for demanding, highly controlled production environments, serving cleanrooms, aseptic areas and hot processing environments....

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    The growing range offers substantial cost of ownership reductions, delivered by exceptional speed of installation and in use performance.

    Products are constructed from carefully selected, application specific, advanced cellular materials, manufactured by parent company Zotefoams unique process.

    All variants are durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean, thanks to their closed cell construction. Each comes with the bonus of a unique suite of in use performance benefits.


    T-FIT Clean

    T-FIT’s debut product, T-FIT Clean is the next generation insulation manufactured from ZOTEK F42HTLS, which is currently the only insulation designed specifically for cleanroom operations in the semiconductor & electronics industries worldwide. Used extensively in wafer processing, solar cells and panels and similar applications, T-FIT Clean has become the pipework insulation system of choice, due to its exceptional in-use performance benefits.

    T-FIT Clean is the only foam compliant with FM4910 Global Cleanroom Materials Protocol, delivering the lowest flame, smoke and toxicity ratings of any polymer insulation product.

    T-FIT Hygiene

    T-FIT Hygiene, used in aseptic areas, shares its in-use performance benefits of T-FIT Clean.

    It’s performance and value proposition is specifically tailored to FMCG applications, especially food and personal care processes.

    T-FIT Process

    The high temperature credentials of T-FIT Process cater for a wide variety of process areas demanding heat tolerant insulation. Stable at operating temperatures up to 160⁰C and to 200⁰C for steam flushing (EN14707). These processes include steam lines, many food processes as well as energy, electronic, photonic, and chemical applications.

    Why T-FIT Fits

    Light weight, durable and flexible -inherent material properties true of all T-FIT products and the foundation of an insulation solution that is easy and quick to install even in the most demanding, space restricted situations and conditions.

    T-FIT can be installed indoors, undercover or outside without any loss of performance as the product is UV resistant, and due to its crosslinked construction able to easily withstand physical compression and other rigors associated with installation processes during construction work and while in service.

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