CoreFlow Ltd.

Daliyat Al-Karmel, 
  • 小間番号5523


  • Non-Contact Chuck for Semiconductor Processes
    CoreFlow’s air floating solutions could be integrated into inspection, metrology and other semiconductor process systems, providing consistent and reliable handling of wafers with no contact neither at the back nor front side....

  • CoreFlow’s chuck can clamp the wafer’s front side (active area) while a process such as polishing/grinding, is applied on the back

    Product features and benefits are as follows:

    • High precision Pressure/Vacuum contactless forces resulting in minimal backside contamination.
    • High air gap stability (±20nm) supporting high resolution inspection.
    • Inherent mechanical and thermal decoupling means that the wafer is practically isolated from any source of noise.
    • High Pressure Vacuum clamping force keeps the wafer still at a very precise flight height.

    Coreflow chuck can be applied to any wafer size and is practically orientation free.


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