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  • 小間番号3529


  • ezAFM+
    The ezAFM+ is an all new Atomic Force Microscope which features excellent performance while being remarkably affordable. It’s ideal for student laboratories, high schools, nanotechnology educations and research with its compact, user-friendly design....

  • Technical Specifications
    • Alignment free cantilevers, commercially available
    • 120x120x40 μm or 40x40x4 μm scan range
    • Contact, Dynamic/Phase Imaging, Lateral Force & MFM modes
    • 65 fm√Hz noise floor
    • 2μm resolution integrated optical microscope
    • Full HD, 390x230μm FOV, 2,516x1,960 pixels, 30fps, video camera
    • 24Bit ADCs/DACs
    • Digital Feedback with FPGA/DSP
    • Free software upgrades for lifetime
    • Unlimited user license
    • USB and WiFi interfaces
    • Sample Size, 10x10x5mm
     (Configurable for unlimited sample size)
    Extended Imaging Options
    • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (ezSTM)
    • Liquid Cell
    • Signal Access Module
    • 38 mm stroke XY motorized sample positioner
    • 2 mm stroke XY manual sample positioner


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